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  1. 2006 TJ Engine shut off & Now no Crank

    TJ Tech Forum
    This is a 2006 LJ with 4.0 automatic I was driving home from work going 45 mph and the engine just cut off, coasted to a side street. Have lights on my dash (no key, fuel light, seat belt and engine light) but gauges show nothing, engine would not crank not even a sound. Had it towed home...
  2. New front seats needed in Texas

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Howdy, My son has a 2006 Wrangler Rubicon. We have been taking it to a local dealer for repairs, he went to Texas A&M Maritime Academy in Galveston, and that environment is pretty rough on vehicles, alas, we are finding that many parts have been discontinued. He is now working on a tug down...
  3. Transmission ECU problem?

    TJ Tech Forum
    So about 4 months ago, my jeep started shifting very hard from first to second. It would only do it the first or second time it shifts and after that it would go away. At the time i had read that in some 2006 tjs, the ecu would cause the transmission to do that. With learning this, I reset my...
  4. Documenting & Requesting Input on swapping NSG370 in 2005 or 2006 TJ with NV3550

    TJ Tech Forum
    EDIT/PROJECT COMPLETE EDIT 1/25/2019: I'd strongly recommend going with the Advance Adapters retro-fit bell housing over the HESCO CPS adapter. I had misfire issues I couldn't quite solve with the HESCO adapter, put the retro-fit bell housing in, and the Jeep has run flawlessly with the new...
  5. Shift Linkage Bushing Failure

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello everyone, Yesterday, my shifter disconnected from my transmission (42RLE) in my 2006 LJ. After hopping on WF this morning, I went to O'Reilly's and picked up the Dorman Help! #14041 kit of bushings. It supposedly only fits up to the 2005 Wrangler, but I picked it up anyway. The...
  6. 06' TJ Highway Driving

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hi all, I've had some great help with the folks on the forum before and figured that I might ask for some simpler help this time. I just started college this week and due to a limited budget am commuting the 40 miles there and back every day. Being new to driving a manual, I haven't had the time...
  7. Christmas in July - arrived 3 days early!

    TJ Pics Forum
    Dad gave me his 2006 TJ - 30K miles! It was picked up in NY and delivery window was anywhere from the 15th-18th, but came three days early! Merry Christmas to me!
  8. Stock TJ Model X (2006)

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    This will be getting here the 2nd week of July. Here's my initial to-do list: 1. Replace the stock tire cover with my favorite team logo (old school Broncos logo) 2. Remove the plow lift on the front 3. Remove the top and doors Would love to hear suggestions for things to do to improve...
  9. Deciding on 03 Rubicon or 06 X

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, this is my first time posting and I'd appreciate any and all advice! I am a college student and I am looking at getting a TJ as a DD first and for off-roading second. I have done a lot of research on both but I'm still stuck on deciding. From what I learned so far is that it is better...
  10. Dies While Driving

    TJ Tech Forum
    Long time reader, first time writer.:) Have an '06 Sport 4.0 manual that I made some improvements on about 5 years ago. 4" lift, 4:56 gears and 35" tires. Has about 194k miles. In the last month or so it has started dying without warning while driving. The first time, it started right back...
  11. Check Engine - 02 Sensor

    TJ Tech Forum
    So my check engine light won't go away and poor 10 year old Randy won't be able to pass inspection today. Check Engine Code said that my 02 was not working properly (Bank 2 Sensor 1) So, I bought a new 02 sensor, put it in correctly (I quadruple checked) and I made it home without the light...
  12. 06 Jeep Build

    TJ Build Forum
    Getting a bit of a late start to this, but back in July, I got my first Jeep! It is an '06 Wrangler SE with no rust and 31,000 miles, and no, that's not a typo. Paid somewhere around 15 and we were on our way! Here is what she looked like at the dealer She came outfitted with a lot of really...
  13. 2006 LJ Rubicon 200k Miles - Need Advice

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2006 Rubicon Unlimited and am about to roll over 200k miles. I bought it in 2011 with 70k miles. Original engine and I think the original clutch. This is my second wrangler and I love it but am not a car guy so everything is basically stock with no major issues whatsoever. Should I be...
  14. Steering Shaft Question..06 Tj

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    I have a little play in the upper steering shaft joint (one under hood). It looks like I may have two options; replace the entire upper shaft or the joint. Has anyone replaced the joint only on a factory steering shaft? Is this a smart way to go? Im looking at (from Quadratec): Flaming River...
  15. Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks

    jeeps on jeeps
  16. Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks

  17. Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks

    My Girls!
  18. Buying a 05-06 LJ Rubi HELP!!!!!!

    TJ Tech Forum
    So I'm in the search of a new Jeep whether is be a 2012+ JK :hide: or a 2005-06 LJ Rubi, I've been reading up on this OPDA stuff and I'm scared straight because my 98 had n OPDA failure which resulted in a $4,000 engine. Simple question that i couldn't find the answer too in the search bar is...
  19. TJ Hard top questions

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, Tried searching for some info but I couldn't find anything. If you know of another thread out there with answers to my question please share! Anyways, What would I need to do to get an early TJ hard top to fit my '06 Tj? They changed the vents around 2000 right? Probably not asking...
  20. My First Jeep

    My First Jeep

    Snow was easy to drive in.