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  1. JK General Discussion Forum
    I have had a few TJ’s/YJ’s over the years, and usually daily drive an F-150. I am looking to sell my truck and daily drive a JK or JKU. Unfortunately I live in the heart of the rust belt, so I am trying to find a southern Jeep. I found a 2011 JKU auto at my local Carmax for $19.5k, but it has...
  2. JK Tech Forum
    My 5'0" wife loves her 2011 Wrangler Sport but she sits just a few inches from the steering wheel. I worry the airbag will do more damage than good, especially in a minor fender bender. Should we disable the airbag and is that even possible?
  3. JK Tech Forum
    2011 Wrangler 2 door sport, automatic. Got in ‘17 with 44K on it from one previous owner. Ever since I got it, on the highway, it will bounce out of overdrive just going up a slight incline, or if driving into a head wind. It’ll only shift back into overdrive when I ease back on the gas...
  4. JK Tech Forum
    Bought the vehicle 1 week ago (2011 3.8L V6 Automatic Jeep Wrangler Sport) it has 108k kms on the clock, runs amazing but started to make knocking noise this morning when accelerating and decelerating but more persistent towards the afternoon. I have a video recording of the sound but am unsure...
  5. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey all, new to the group. I have a 2011 70th anniversary wrangler. all of a sudden the turn signals stopped working but all the hazards work so its not a bulb issue. none of the signals work in or out (the dashboard display). not sure if there is a flasher relay hidden somewhere. thanks in...
  6. JK General Discussion Forum
    There's a 2011 4 door JK Sahara for sale. It's selling for $17,900 and has 114,000 miles. Is this worth it? Also, are these good engines?
  7. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone. new to the forum here and also a new Jeep owner. I recently bought a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport. I couldn't find an owners manual and everything I found online has conflicting arguments but how often should I change the oil and what type of oil do you recommend?
  8. Classifieds Archive
    Selling my much loved custom lifted JK as I have two cars and just do not use it enough. Here are the details: 2011 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED SAHARA 4WD, 3.8L, V6 78k Highway Miles. Very well looked after and maintained.
 Private Seller. $23,995k This is a steal / great deal! I want this to...
  9. JK General Discussion Forum
    I need to do an engine swap. (Blown engine). I have a lead on a 2009 3.8l. Will it work with my 2011. Everywhere I look, I see that the 2011 is a specific parts category. Why? Thanks for all the input 2011 JKU Sport
  10. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I've been looking at Wranglers (and lurking on this forum) for a few weeks now and I'm closing in on a decision. I'm considering a 2011 Sport Unlimited with 45k miles. It's in great condition, a great color (copper), dealership put brand new off road tires on it, and has all the amenities...
  11. Bought A Jeep Two Days Ago!

    Just bought this 2011. Very excited to start making it my own.
  12. JK Tech Forum
    Hey guys, So my check engine light came on a few days ago in my 2011 sport. I didn't notice any change in how it was driving at the moment. When I got home I used the key on/off trick to get it to display the code but I accidentally turned the key one too many times. Now when I do it all i get...
  13. JK Tech Forum
    For a few months now I've been having a problem with the passenger side window on my 2011 JKU. Sometime's it will roll down by itself when I pressed the button, sometimes it will only roll down if I roll down the drivers side window at the same time & sometimes it won't roll down at all . When...
  14. JK Tech Forum
    I've been thinking about getting a lift for my jeep for a while now. I'm thinking a 3.75" or a 4". I've heard bad things about the 4" though. I'm currently running a 2" ReadyLift levelling kit with 32" tires on 20" rims during the winter & 33" tires with 20" rims during the summer. What brands...
  15. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello, New to this forum and first post. I just purchased a previously owned 2011 Wrangler Sport and am waiting for it to be shipped from another state. I was looking at the Equipment Listing that you can view online via the VIN# at and it says this Jeep has 8 speakers. This Jeep...
  16. JK Tech Forum
    I have automatic power windows for my 2011 JK and lately my front passenger window had a hard time rolling down and today it just stopped rolling down entirely. I'm not sure how to fix it or what's wrong with it.
  17. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi all I'm thinking about buying a 2011 JK Sport 2 door 3.8 auto. The auto transmission is my main source of hesitation, so does anyone have any experience with it? I am aiming at fitting a 2" lift (old man emu) and maybe 33/34" tyres. (From what I've heard once you start getting to 35" your...
1-17 of 34 Results