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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    I am having the whole audio system in my 2017 JKU replaced. New head unit, all 8 speakers, amp, and subwoofer. Does anyone have the JL Stealthbox installed with a soft top? The one that sits on the side, on the wheel well. I'm being told that the hinges and bars, when fully back, will get in...
  2. JK General Discussion
    Looking at purchasing my first wrangler. Does the bottom of this thing show any areas of concern? I don’t know what I am looking for. Thank you so much!
  3. JK General Discussion
    But frankly, I've wasted my whole morning searching in vein. I'm interested in hearing the Borla Touring Axle Back Split (dual) system. There's precisely two videos on YouTube, neither is well produced nor do they provide any valuable information. What I'm looking for: a little bit of...
  4. JK Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I just bought by first Wrangler. 2017 Rubicon Recon/HardRock. 32,000 Miles, $31,000. Reverse was popping out of gear. Some shifting was hard. I brought it back to Jeep Dodge Chrysler of route 46 for a diagnostic. I was expecting a new trans, but they want to rebuild...
  5. JK General Discussion
    Hey There, Yay for my first post! I just had a quick question, and i apologize if it's stupid or a no brainer. I am the proud new owner of a lovely 2017 WW JK, and he is quite lovely. My aunt just sold her 2009 JK, and took most of her mods off prior to selling, and wanted to give me a bull...
1-5 of 8 Results