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  1. JK General Discussion
    Greetings all. Purchased my first Wrangler a month or so ago. Always been a GM guy; 2014 Silverado w/ 9" lift, 2008 Z71 Suburban w/ 7.5", Tahoes and Escalades dropped 5 inches, etc. Decided to go the Wrangler route due to my work moving me to a location where a Wrangler is ideal. I am a big...
  2. JK Pics Forum
    So I just bought a 2015 JK and wanted to put on a new set of tires and wheels. Can you guys show me your kits. Im not sure whether i should get a 2.5in suspension lift or a 4in lift. I wont be doing much offloading. Do i have to do any fender modifications if i run 35s on a 2.5" with stock...
  3. JK General Discussion
    I've been looking at all sorts of different options and reading different threads and in the end, as helpful as the information is, I just seem overwhelmed. I am looking for the COMPLETE package. I am considering the JK Wrangler Unlimited Dual-Rate Lift Kit, 2.5" but want to know, what else am I...
  4. General Jeep Discussion
    I have a 2013 JKUR and just installed this kit. I wanted to add a few notes to people to clear up some confusion to some who may be looking to install. I found every thread before hand and reviewed before I pulled the trigger. But there are still some things that I learned during install...
  5. YJ Technical Discussion
    I realize that there is a thread for llift reviews but I am interested in a specific lift: The rough country 2.5". I hear they have changed their spring supplier, and so now allegedly they do not have the problems with sagging that they did before. I am interested in the 4" too even though I...
1-5 of 5 Results