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  1. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, thank you for checking out my thread. I have a 97 TJ with the 3 Speed Automatic Transmission (32RH). I've read that these transmissions are very difficult to waterproof, as the vent is in the bell housing, my question is, how does water manage to get in the bell housing? is there...
  2. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hey Jeepers - I've read every thread possible and none are on point. I could really use your input to help solve my transmission issue. LOVE my Jeep TJ. Background/Typical use: Normal, easy part time driving around town. Summer convertible. She's the fun extra Jeep, not a DD. No recent change...
  3. TJ General Discussion
    I have a 98 TJ with a 32rh in it has 43k on it, I don't want it! anybody want to swap transmissions? I'm in Camden, NJ and i have a shop to do it in. Any takers? Let me know.
  4. TJ General Discussion
    Ok- JP Newb here: first post, just bought my first jeep, and this is the first time doing a lot of my own maintenance. Lot's of firsts...but it's going pretty well so far thanks to this forum, but ran into a question about a wire behind the trans oil filter. So, I bought a '99 auto Sahara with...
1-4 of 4 Results