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  1. JL Technical Discussion
    So as the topic says I have a JLU Sahara 2.5 lift with 315 (34.50') Goodyear duratrac tires I consider re-gearing to 4.88, currently I'm running 35' and will do for the next 1.5 years.. I do light off-roading but more high way drive (city drive) and its my daily use ride.. I've tried to find...
  2. JK Pics Forum
    So I just bought a 2015 JK and wanted to put on a new set of tires and wheels. Can you guys show me your kits. Im not sure whether i should get a 2.5in suspension lift or a 4in lift. I wont be doing much offloading. Do i have to do any fender modifications if i run 35s on a 2.5" with stock...
1-2 of 2 Results