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35 inch tires
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  1. JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I'm soon to be getting a 2021 JL Sport S 2-Door and wanted to fit on 35's asap. This is a daily driver, but will see some light offroad a few times a year. Nothing crazy, though. Stock could handle it fine, but I love the look of 35's. I'm not a huge fan of the stock Sport S rims...
  2. JK General Discussion Forum
    One of my favorite things about my stock unlimited rubicon is that, when in 4lo and first gear, it is impossible to stall the jeep and I can go super slow. How bad does 35 inch tires affect this? I have a manual transmission. Thanks!
  3. JK Tech Forum
    Alright guys, so summer is right around the corner and I will be installing some 35" tires on my 2016 Jeep Wrangler 2 door with Manual Transmission. I currently have the stock 3.21 gears and I need to upgrade. The things is... I have two set of tires. I use my 33" winter rated tires from mid...
  4. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello!!! I am just looking for some general advice when it comes to lifting. I have no experience and this is my first wrangler so I'm hoping to seek out the opinions of some of you experts out there! I am looking to lift my 2014 wrangler unlimited sport. I'm most likely going to do a 2.5 or...
  5. JK General Discussion Forum
    So I've been racking my brain for a week now on which lift kit and tire combo I want to do, and by doing so much researching I've become lost. I own a 2014 jeep unlimited Sahara and I already have smitty built src rock guards, a rampage rear bumper and soon a rampage front bumper along with a...
  6. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Dumb question but I'm looking to trade my tires with a friend. I have 35 inch tires 12.5 width, 15 inch rim. He has 33 inch tires, 12.5 width, 17 inch rims. Because the rim size difference does this mean we can't trade?
  7. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey, just bought a 2000 tj sport 6 cyl, automatic. It has 35 inch tires with a 4 inch lift. I don't think it is regeared and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts if I should trade up with my friend who has 33s. Just trying to weigh the pros and cons.
  8. Few Pics

    wheelin in the mud and new pics of new tiress
  9. Few Pics

    wheelin in the mud and new pics of new tiress
  10. Few Pics

    wheelin in the mud and new pics of new tiress
1-10 of 10 Results