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  1. Alabama 2004 Rubicon - Manual - 144k miles - $13,500 (Mobile, AL)

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    Jeep is in excellent shape. Within the last 2k miles; -new clutch, flywheel, other associated clutch parts, rear main oil seal -8 adjustable upper and lower control arms -adjustable track bars front and rear -new ZJ? Steering linkages -new Moog upper and lower ball joints -rear wheel bearings...
  2. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs. Off-Road Pickups

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey, I'm thinking about buying a 2 door Wrangler Rubicon for off-roading. However, as I was doing my research I learned that there is now a rather large segment of off road pickup trucks with the leading ones being the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison and Toyota Tacoma TDR Pro for midsized, the Ford...
  3. Transfer case problems.

    YJ Tech Forum
    My transfer case will not engage the 4x4 system. I have a np231j. The front Dana 30 has had the vacuumed delete and solid front axel. I also recently installed new gears and lockers. So the front drive shaft turns continuously. I have adjusted the linkage to the transfer case shifter and it...
  4. Road Legal 4WD Association 4x4 Events | Wisconsin

    Wisconsin Jeep Forum
    Greetings! So we started this thing under Wrangler Riders but then changed the main non-profit to the Road Legal 4WD Association so we can help get more clubs going and provide them with the tools to get trails up and running. We run like a private registration program since Wisconsin doesn't...
  5. 3.8 JK T-CASE Stuck

    JK Tech Forum
    HELLO JEEPER I have an 09 JK Unlimited and my T case will not shift from 2wd to 4wd. I was working fine a few weeks before when I just shifted it to for no reason. Then once it was time to get out of trouble it would not go into gear. I had a new leakage cable put and still nothing...Yalls...
  6. ABS & CEL on after Spartan front locker 16 sport auto

    JK Tech Forum
    Hopefully the description will catch folks' attention properly. Yes, I see the very similar thread posted but not quite the same as my issue. This issue coincides exactly with today's installation of a Spartan locker in my front D30/27 spline. I don't know how wheel speed sensors would...
  7. 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport - ADVICE?!

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I am a first time poster here. I have been actively looking for wranglers for quite awhile now and came across a seller selling this 2012 Wrangler Sport with 95,000 miles. He is including a Bestop Supertop NX Soft Top and 5 OEM sport tires with little with <10k miles. He installed a...
  8. Mapping WI Public Trails & Roads

    Wisconsin Jeep Forum
    We've begun to map the public roads and trails for Road Legal 4WD's. Listings include downloadable GPS maps and printable color maps for members. This directory is interactive and will also be used for poker runs coming soon. We've also been working with ORBA...
  9. North Carolina 2016 2door JK Black Bear Edition - 17k miles

    Classifieds Archive
    2016 2dr black bear edition REDUCED to $25900 6-speed manual transmission 17k miles Special things include Locking rear axle(factory) Rock sliders on sides(factory) Black accents(factory) LED off-road lights with a-pillar switchpanel opar grab handles Huskyliners everywhere Touchscreen radio...
  10. California Bantam 3 off-road trailer

    Classifieds Archive
    Selling my bantam 3 trailer 1941 33x15 tires fair condition New wheel bearings Fully articulated tongue Rack on front This is by Modesto California All new tailgate hardware 2500.00 OBO Local pick up only This trailer was made for camping/off-road PTI tags If this is in wrong place...
  11. WI Wrangler Rider Events 2018

    Wisconsin Jeep Forum
    Howdy all, letting you know we've finalized our main event schedule for 2018. Below are the links to those events. All event details are here - 2nd Mar, 2018 5:30PM - 8:30PM Jeep to Eat & March 2nd Meeting Sheboygan, WI 24th Mar, 2018 1:00PM 2018...
  12. Revamping the off road fire extinguisher and need input from the community

    General Jeep Discussion
    I’m an industrial design student working on designing a new fire extinguisher for off road/camping vehicles as my final project and would love some firsthand input. · Do you have a fire extinguisher in your car? · If so, what kind of fire extinguisher is it? ·...
  13. WI Winter Camp Dec 2017

    Wisconsin Jeep Forum
    We had a great time at our first Winter Camp! Check out our upcoming events at -
  14. Jeep Off Road Extreme Jeep Wrangler Off-Road

    JK General Discussion Forum
    No road, no problem some clips of Jeep Off Road Extreme Jeep Wrangler Off-Road, let me know what do you think?
  15. Looking for YJ info

    YJ Tech Forum
    I have a few questions that if anyone could help that would be great. I recently bought an 88 YJ. The fella before me had bought it do fix up but decided not to so sold it. He hadn't had it very long so didn't have very much info on it. First thing I noticed is that it has a 4.0 inline in it...
  16. When should i use 4x4

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Just bought my first jeep a few months ago, its a '08 jeep jk. I bought it with about 90,000 miles on it so its got some use. when I first got it I noticed that the rear wheels had a habit of skidding and sliding when wet. ( it mostly happened when moving from a stop or when turning). at first I...
  17. zombie killer

    TJ Pics Forum
    just got done with my TJ 97' 2.5L wheels tires billstine shocks renegade top renegade haft doors rugged ridge winch bumper rugged ridge 8500LB winch 50" lightbar 4 x 18W pods CCF rock sliders hitch back bumper hitch basket 2x fire extinguishers on demand 120LB compressor 1/2" dewalt impact...
  18. Join Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers

    Nevada Jeep Forum
    Vegas Valley Four Wheelers was created over 34 years ago, and today boasts over 90 members and their families. Members come together to take their 4×4’s out on the many trails around Vegas and surrounding areas. Most runs are arranged by an individual club member. Club runs include everything...
  19. Ohio PackMule camping trailer

    Classifieds Archive
    Selling my homemade Packmule camping trailer. I made this trailer earlier this year with hopes to do a lot of camping this summer but unfortunately it didnt happen... It is extremely rugged, made out of a 4x8 HF trailer kit that was reconfigured to be a reinforced 4'x4' trailer frame. I made it...
  20. Obx 15

    Obx 15

    Beach Photos