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  1. TJ Tech Forum
    Hello, I am new’ish to the Jeep world and want to learn everything I need to know as time goes on. I have a 97 6cylinder sitting on 33’s with a small lift. I bought it that way. I cut off the catalytic converter because we don’t need that in Arkansas and not to mention it was clogged. When I’m...
  2. TJ Tech Forum
    Just dies while driving down the road. sometimes I wiggle wires in the engine compartment and it starts right up, other times- not so much. I am really looking for the best way to tackle the wiring harness that I cannot seam to find anywhere. Any pointers?
  3. TJ General Discussion Forum
    I have a Jeep TJ 97' and recently acquired a free sound bar. So now I have two sound bars. My question is... "Is it possible to have/wire up two sound bars from the factory wiring harness? My idea is to splice the factory harness then wire it up to another female harness (bought from ebay Jeep...
  4. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Just picked up a 97 and dont know much about it. Instead of researching and trying to look up I figure yall could tell me everything about my jeep while im outside cleaning it and my other truck. Like I said its a 97, 2.5l 5 speed. 33in tires. snorkle kit. soft top. 2in shock spacer and 1in body...
1-4 of 5 Results