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  1. JL Pics Forum
    I think I have earned the Jeep safari badge. Here's a few vids of of three of my weekend travels over the last year in Uganda with my red Rubicon named Elmo.
  2. JK Build Forum
    In preparation for our upcoming trip from South Africa to Morocco, we are building our '07 JKU . Our goals are increased durability and improved reliability. To that end, we have sent the Jeep to Bruiser Conversions for a Cummins 4BT among other changes. Full Build Sheet is below. Though...
  3. On The Trail
    Last October (2014) I made a trip to Cape Town South Africa to visit with some good friends. My friend Ian set up a trip to a “farm” called Klein Tafelberg Home in the Western Cape region Sandveld, between the towns of Redelinghuys. and Aurora Ian also hooked me up in Cape Town with a place to...
1-3 of 5 Results