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  1. JL Wrangler General Discussion
    We are really struggling in deciding between two vehicles. This will be my wife's jeep and she won't be doing too much offroading. 1st Jeep - $45K plus registration no tax MSRP - $53k (optional extended warranty for $1,300 7 yr/70,000 miles bumper to bumper) (seller already accepted my $45K...
  2. JK General Discussion Forum
    Wondering if anyone has tried putting wheels/tires from a Cherokee Alititude (5x5, 20"x8", black, 5 spoke, 56.4mm offset) on a JK Unlimited? If you have any pics, let's see them. Or if you have any similar stock Jeep wheels to recommend. Wanting a stock look but something different than my...
  3. JK General Discussion Forum
    2016 Sahara's & Polar, Dragon, Altitude, or X editions (did I miss any?) have a different grill, more square off and have inserts.. this makes installing the mesh a little more difficult... thought I would share my pics One thing I noticed was these extra tabs in the centre (last 2 pics)...
  4. JK General Discussion Forum
    Finally after creeping around this forum for the longest I pulled the trigger and got my JEEP! 33 and my first brand new vehicle (didn't want to say car of course) My dad had a manual 1992 Wrangler Islander edition that's what I first learned to drive and my first manual as well... Took me...
  5. Florida Jeep Forum
    Hey gang....I am picking up my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Altitude Edition on Wednesday. Been trying to be patient but this thing went to California Customs for a bunch of work & upgrades. Looking to see anyone local that knows anywhere to go off in the glades off of 27. I have to think...
  6. JK General Discussion Forum
    After purchasing my 2012 Wrangler Unlimited Altitude I was a little dismayed to see that while Jeep had done such as great job of styling the vehicle they had neglected to brand the Altitude with any unique badging. I mean the Sahara has its gold emblem, the 70th anniversary and COD's get an...
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1-8 of 8 Results