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  1. ARB Fridge special - Today Only!

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    12% off ARB Fridges!!! All ARB Fridges are 12% off today only: Buy a Classic Series 2 50qt fridge and get a transit bag cover for FREE: This deal is a true Black Friday deal and only good for today!
  2. Help comparing and advising on RTT, see chart.

    Overland & Expedition Discussion
    The comparison chart was based on the brand websites and email from Tepui. Having Tepui and Thule be “partners”, I get less than 24-hour response to my questions. ARB is harder to get in Contact with, waiting (3 days ago sent email). CVT responded within 2 days but very short. Smittybilt was...
  3. 18' JKU Sport S Rubi on the cheap

    JK Build Forum
    Hi all, After purchasing my 2018 JKU Sport S in July, I kept him stock for about a 11 months I caught the mod sickness. I figured that I'd document some of these here in a bit. The goal of the build is a lightweight adventure rig and off roader that I drive to work every day with minimal...
  4. ARB not engaging or disengaging correctly

    TJ Tech Forum
    The ARB in my front axle is not engaging or disengaging correctly. When I hit the switch for the compressor and it pressurizes the line the locker will engage right away, no waiting for the switch to be pressed. If I bleed the air out by cracking the line open the locker will disengage...
  5. Jeep Wrangler JK G2 CORE 44 Front/Rear Package w/ARB Air Lockers

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    Check out the JK D44 package deal by clicking the image below. Add to cart for best price. Pricing good thru April 30, 2019 ONLY! Save $250/each On G2 Core 44 Complete Assemblies (Mail-In Rebate) Print Form Free Air Compressor (CKMA12) With Purchase. A $287 Value. Yes you probably already...
  6. Jeep Wrangler (TJ/LJ/XJ) G2 CORE 44 Front Axle Assembly, w/30 Spline ARB

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    Another fantastic Deal from Allen's Offroad. Click on image to order online. Add to cart and smile. Free shipping in the lower 48 US. California residents you know the drill on sales tax (7.25%). Free gear lube with every order. Pricing good thru Monday October 21, 2019 before 3pm...
  7. Jeep Wrangler (TJ/LJ) G2 CORE 44 Front/Rear Package w/ARB Air Lockers

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    Click image below to order online. This deal won't last long. Get free Gear Lube and Free Shipping in the lower 48 US. Add to cart and you are good-to-go. California residents sales tax of 7.25% applies. Save over $300.00 on G2 Core 44 Complete Assemblies! Now through October 21,2019...
  8. Jeep Wrangler (TJ/LJ) G2 CORE 44 REAR Axle w/35 Spline ARB Air Locker

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    What a deal. Click the image below to order online. Add to cart and don't forget to select your free Gear lube weight. Pricing Good Through October 21, 2019 before 3pm Pacific Time only! Save more than 10% On G2 Core 44 Complete Assemblies! Free Gear oil for first fill. $24.00 Value...
  9. Swapping Dana 30 for Dana 44 Questions

    TJ Tech Forum
    hi I searched the forums but haven't found all the answers I need. I have a 2005 LJ with a Dana 30 front axle. I have a Dana 44 from a Rubicon coming with the stock air locker and 4.10 ratio. I know I have to match the rear ration in my current Dana rear axle and have those parts already...
  10. Overland Fridge Freezer Guide

    General Jeep Discussion
    Looking for a fridge/freezer to use on your next #overland adventure? Check out our fridge/freezer buyer's guide from the OutdoorX4 website in the link below:
  11. California ARB Full Width Rear Bumper - Local Pickup only

    Classifieds Archive
    I've got a full width ARB rear bumper for sale off my 2013 JKUR. Powdercoat in good shape overall with a couple aesthetic issues. Driver side has a little discoloration from fuel over spill, and right side has some discoloration from my Gobi brackets. Couple other small nicks but otherwise in...
  12. Question regarding ARB setup

    JK Tech Forum
    I purchased my lifted JKU Sport on 37's w/ ARBs and Antirocks F&R already installed. I have decided to go with a rubicon disconnect setup using EVO's on demand system for better on road manners. Is it possible to tie the EVO kit to the single manifold already present or would I need to install...
  13. Gear Oil for Tj with D 44 and Air Lockers

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a Jeep TJ with a D44 rear axle that has ARB Air Lockers. I know the jeep calls for 80w-90 in the front and 80w-90 or 75w-140 in the Rear. I called ARB and they told me to use API GL5 gear oil that is Non Synthetic with NO additives(no friction modifiers). I bought the...
  14. Need a cold one? Watch this

    Morris 4x4 Center
    We would like to introduce you guys to our New #Morris4x4 YouTube Web Series!! In this week's episode, Eric speaks about the ARB FRIDGE FREEZER. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel >>> SEE THE LATEST PRODUCTS, INSTALLS, EVENTS AND MORE!!! Any questions or suggestions let us...
  15. Poser With Her New Lift

    Poser With Her New Lift

    New OME suspension has officially been installed. Too hot right now, but really itching to stretch out the new gear on some trails.
  16. ARB TwinAir (CKMTA12) - what am I missing?

    JK Tech Forum
    So i just installed my CKMTA12 under the hood, and find myself missing one critical piece in order to be able to use the unit. On the top of the compressor, the shop installed a threaded male valve, which doesn't match up to the quick release that comes with the ARB accessory kit -
  17. Washington DC 2013 JKUR, lifted & armored up!

    Classifieds Archive
    Selling my meticulously built, adult owned, and garage kept JKUR. I'm the only owner and I special ordered it with all the option boxes checked (except Auto & Dual Top). Since, I've put $20,000+ in parts and hundreds of hours of labor into it. Everything works perfectly and this JKUR makes...
  18. ARB Stubby Bumper Wiring?

    JK Tech Forum
    For those of you with the ARB stubby bumper: Anyone use the top light tab (on the bull bar) for lights? Just wondering where you ran the wires. I could go right into the grill, but I am concerned about the wires getting stuck on an unseen branch or something and getting ripped out. Plus I think...
  19. Lockers TJ 2006: ARB or Elocker (Harrop in Australia)

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello again, another difficult choice: ARB or Elocker? Times seem to be changing, air lockers (ARB) is loosing ground in regards to preference against Elocker. Can anyone please tell me what should I get for my TJ 2006 (Dana 44 rear Dana 30 front) at the rear and front? How reliable are both...
  20. TJs with an ARB fridge in the back!

    TJ Pics Forum
    I want to buy one of them fancy ARB fridges but cant find any pics of TJs with them....