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  1. YJ Technical Discussion
    I've search a bunch on this forum and haven't found much feedback on the longevity of different exhaust manifold options specifically for the 4.0L. My original stock manifold cracked and I replaced it with a Banks TorqueTube header. That one lasted me about 6-1/2 years and 45K miles before I...
  2. TJ Technical Discussion
    So I was wondering if anyone else had run into the same problem as me. So I have a 04 TJ with the 4.0 about two years ago I installed the Banks Monster Exhaust system on it. Ran it for a few month and I absolutely loved it. Then I got my Rubicon Express 4.5 in Superflex lift with the adjustable...
  3. General Jeep Discussion
    okay so last weekend I decided to remove the muffler on my 3.8 08 jk x because I couldn't hear the damn thing. And it sounds pretty decent but the drone is getting irritating. I was looking at banks, magnaflow, flowmaster, and even borla exhaust systems and they all say they use a 2.5" pipe and...
  4. YJ Technical Discussion
    I have to replace my manifold gasket on my 95 2.5L and might as well replace my swiss cheese exhaust manifold while i have it off. IDK which one to buy. Ill spend the money on the Banks torque tubes ($400) but only if its worth it! I dont want to get an OEM one, i want to upgrade. Any...
  5. JK General Discussion
    I have been considering the Banks Monster Exhaust for my 2013 6 speed manuel Rubicon. Any opinions?
  6. TJ General Discussion
    I have a 98 TJ 4.0 5spd, looking to boost horsepower, looking at Banks air intake, & exhaust. Is it worth the cash?? or are there better ways to boost power?
  7. General Jeep Discussion
    G'day Guys, I'm from Australia and was wondering if anyone has any sites they know of that will ship to Australia. At the moment I am chasing Banks Torque Tubes and Cat Back System for 2005 TJ. Please help these websites will save me hundreds of dollars.
  8. TJ General Discussion
    I have a 2001 Jeep TJ 4.0 hardtop on 33"s with a 4" suspension lift, a K&N FIPK, and only 41,000 miles. So far I love everything about it, except for the sound of the stock exhaust. Would anyone recommend the Banks Monster? If anyone already has it with relatively the same setup as me, do you...
  9. YJ Technical Discussion
    Here are the options i am looking at: 1. Gale Banks Monster (Cat-Back) Exhaust. The kit that provides the muffler to the exhaust tip. 2. A Flow-master 40 series American Thunder with a Dynomax Tail pipe w/ a three inch tip. I would greatly appreciate the comments and preferences towards...
  10. TJ General Discussion
    I have been looking around for a muffler, and I think I want to get a flowmaster for my 97. My stock muffler is a little beat up and rusted and for some reason my friends are telling me it sounds like a Subaru. I looked at the banks monster, cherry bomb, but I like the way the flowmasters sound...
1-10 of 10 Results