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  1. TJ Technical Discussion
  2. JK General Discussion
    Hi all, I currently live in Atlanta, GA. Can anyone recommend a local trustworthy shop that knows how to properly bed-line or powder coat bumpers and side steps? I just ordered a rear bumper and a set of side steps that are raw metal. I live in an apartment where space is a limiting factor, so...
  3. JK General Discussion
    I had Bestop vinyl seat covers for my 97 and loved them. Bestop doesn't make a JK vinyl seat cover. I have two yellow labs and need something that their hair wont stick to. I already had all of the carpet removed and had a bedliner put in. Any suggestions on a good seat cover that dog hair wont...
  4. TJ General Discussion
    I put a spray on bedliner on my 98 TJ because the plastidip I had on before was an absolute disgrace. This, however, is absolutely amazing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  5. JK General Discussion
    Got a few questions re: rattlecan liners... thinking about cleaning up the tub and spraying it down. Had the carpet out for about a year now. Anyone ever done it? (Rattle can liner the whole tub) How'd it come out? How's it holding up? Let's see some pictures! What brand did you use? How...
  6. General Jeep Discussion
    So ive had my stock rims plasti dipped on my jeep for a couple months now and its starting to not look so great. Its not really peeling or chipping that much but the color is fading and becoming blotchy. Does anyone have any experience with using bedliner to paint rims?
  7. Jeep1

    mirrored American flag, Herculined J&O Carts parts side rocker panels and fenders.
  8. TJ General Discussion
    This is my first attempt at a write-up. Enjoy! I bought my 2003 Jeep Wrangler this past summer (2014) and it, like most jeeps, has some rust. After looking at many many many threads on this forums I decided to bedline it. Then came the decision of what product to buy. My dad has a decent size...
  9. General Jeep Discussion
    For how many people that run Poison Spyder gear, I'm tempted to believe that perhaps my bedlining shop doesn't know what they're doing. So here's my problem: I purchased a PSC Brawler Lite bumper in bare steel and whisked it off to a local bed lining shop to have it coated along with my tub...
  10. YJ Technical Discussion
    So today i start my interior remodel of my 95. swapping front seats with some 96 bronco power seats. new speakers and amp spraying bed liner all through interior and instead of stock back seats putting in two rear facing jump seats. super excited. will post pictures later today
  11. TJ General Discussion
    Bedtred appears to be a little more it worth it? Also, their ads claim easy installation WITHOUT removing the seats or console. Do the various pieces just lay there without being held down by anything?
  12. JK General Discussion
    Stripping Jeep. ;) I want to remove as much dirt-collecting, dog hair collecting soft stuff as possible. I usually hit the trail with top down, dog in- and I am sick of spending an entire day cleaning. I've removed all the back carpet and roll bar padding/covers for replacement. But...
  13. JK Build Forum
    I finally got around to painting on my Monstaliner (bought it a couple of months ago). There are several good bed lining threads on the forum and I picked up some good tips. Thought I'd make a thread with everything I've found in my research and pass on my experience. The Monstaliner web site...
  14. JK General Discussion
    I may be bedlining the hinges on my JK soon. I have the rustoleum (I probably spelled that wrong) bedliner in a can and was wondering if anybody has done this. Im also thinking about doing the hood and maybe pulling off the covers and doing the tailgate. How long does it last? How do you...
  15. TJ Technical Discussion
    Beginning to prep to bedline my interior. Removed the carpeting in the back, and sure enough I stripped the torx bolt holding in the rear seat belts. They seem super flimsy. There might be enough left to get it out. Anyone have any suggestions for getting it out? What I should do to get the...
  16. TJ General Discussion
    I did my tub with Raptor Liner 2 years ago but have recently seen people using different brands of liner to spray other Jeep parts than the tub. Where do you use bedliner? What brand do you use & why did you choose that brand? Post pics so we can all see & discuss!
  17. TJ General Discussion
    One were to put a good coating of Plasti Dip down before it is sprayed? Therefore the bedliner would stick to the Plasti Dip which can be removed.
  18. First Wrangler 02x Fully Bedlined

    4.0,5speed,4in rough country n2.0, 33in dick cepek mud country, quick release sways, lock right locker in rear, hurculined exterior, smitty built front and rear xrc bumpers, with 9500 rough country winch and swing away rear tire carrier.
  19. TJ General Discussion
    Hey, so i've been wanting to monstaline my entire jeep, interior and exterior. I was wondering how many gallons it would probably take. they come in 1 and 2 gallon kits. if i can do the exterior with just one gallon i might do that and hold off on taking the carpet out. but i was just curious of...
  20. Jeep Pictures & More
    let me see your white jeeps. this is mine
1-20 of 28 Results