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  1. TJ Technical Discussion
    My 2000 TJs set up. 3 speed auto, 231 tcase, 2.5" SL, 1.25" BL, 1" MML, Flat belly up with cross member. After my body lift install (had a tcase drop at this time also before belly up and mml) it did not love to be in 4lo. it would throw itself in between tcase gears and grind and scream. kind...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    looking at an older TJ... ad says it has a "belly up kit"... can't figure what it means
  3. TJ General Discussion
    So I'm lookin at getting a belly up skip pretty soon but i had some questions on if I should get it or not yet. Right now I have a 2" bb coil spacer lift and a 1.25" body lift with a 1" mml and I currently have no driveline vibes but dont have a SYE or CV driveshaft. My question is will i have...
1-3 of 3 Results