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  1. Oregon For sale: Bestop Sunrider top for JK - like new - SOLD

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    I just traded my JK for a JL, and have a Bestop Sunrider that I had used on the JK for just a few months. Truly like new condition. This is the heavier twill version, not the diamond fabric. New: $850; yours for $400 plus shipping. Or may pickup in the Portland, OR area. The attached pics are...
  2. Maine Bestop Trektop NX Plus Soft Top 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door

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    Hi everyone! I'm selling my soft top. Its a Bestop Trektop (as stated in title) for a JK. It comes with all parts. I used it for two months and decided I would rather just use hard top for the look (personal preferance). The soft top is in excellent condition, as it was only used for a couple...
  3. Bestop Top weirdness... help

    JK General Discussion Forum
    So, I have the Bestop Supertop. I love it. But, when I put the top back in the mid postion (not all the way down) it flops/sags into the car. Is this normal? Any fixes?
  4. Help on Bestop Trektop vs Trektop NX Glide for JK 2dr?

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    I'm ready to take off the hard top off my newly purchased 2015 JK 2 door and put on a new soft top for the summer (with the new hardware needed). I've narrowed it down to either the Bestop Trektop or the newer model Bestop Trektop NX Glide. I'm getting the twill, and they both have the Sunrider...
  5. Michigan Replace-A-Top (Black Twill) - 79847-17

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    Rochester Hills / Birmingham MI Brand new in box, never mounted. Wrong replacement top sent by accident during insurance claim. This works with 2010-2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited factory soft top hardware or the Bestop Supertop hardware. Can provide pictures this weekend. Right now I just...
  6. Soft Top Issue

    JK Tech Forum
    I have been looking on this site and others for a similar thread and can't seem to find it/ describe it in title so here goes. I put on a Bestop Supertop yesterday and after all said and done, the top does not sit well in the lip above the doors. It almost is as if the top is too short but a...
  7. Georgia Spare Parts for Bestop Trektop Pro

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    I have a spare left side window panel, right side window panel, and rear window panel for sale. There are some miscellaneous parts in the box with the rear window as well. Everything is new, still in OEM boxes. I recently sold my Jeep so they are of no use to me. I am asking for $100. I live in...
  8. Bestop Trektop vs. Mopar Soft Top

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I know spring's still a long ways away, but I'm already starting to think about swapping out my 4-door hard top for a soft top. The Bestop Trektop NX is $900 on Quadratec, while the Mopar Twill Soft Top is $2400...big difference! Anyone have any advice? I'm just going to assume...
  9. Pennsylvania Bestop Trektop NX Parts (JKU only)

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    I had numerous parts replaced under warranty that were never installed. My JKU was traded in with the Trektop installed and I never got around to replacing the defective pieces with the replacements. All parts are brand new, never installed and 100% defect/blemish free. Available for local pick...
  10. Trektop Pro - What's need to be removed to install hard top

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I installed my Bestop Trektop Pro for the summer. Winter is arriving and I want to put the hard top back on for the winter. Does anybody know what portion of the Trektop Pro hardware can be left on, and still install the hardtop? I thought I read somewhere, that the rear "halo" could be...
  11. YJ Spice Brown Roll Bar Pads

    Bestop, Inc.
    Hello! Can someone give me some background to why I was told it would be at least November to get a set of Spice Brown roll bar pads for my YJ? Or does someone have a magic wand to wave to get production going on the 30 odd orders that are sitting at Bestop? Thanks!
  12. Washington Bestop TREKTOP NX PLUS TWILL SOFT TOP 4DR - Pebble Beige

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    Used once for a car show in the Bestop booth, kept in on for about two weeks but ended up not liking the color with my wives purple JKU Rubicon. So it is basically brand new, and has been stored in my garage since I took it off, I can help you put it on if you come to the house to pick it...
  13. Georgia Bestop Seat Covers

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    Like new set of TJ/LJ Bestop Seat Covers. I will be going to aftermarket seats soon and no longer need these. Located in Atlanta. $100 OBO; will ship on buyers dime.
  14. Bestop Trektop NX Glide Twill - Best Price?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm looking to find the best price on the Bestop Trektop NX Glide Twill top for my JKU. Standard price I've seen is $1450.99. Then I found $1,299.99 through from a seller "Plymouth Valley Enterprises". Has anybody seen a better price than this? Thanks!
  15. Premium Color Soft Tops from Bestop

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Anybody have any experience with the premium color soft tops from Bestop? I was thinking getting one to go on my Rhino colored JKU. Trying to decide what color other than black that would look good. I was leaning towards Oak Tan, but that is on back order. So I was wondering how the pebble...
  16. New York Soft Top and Misc Parts

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    SUPERTOP NX TWILL SOFT TOP W/ TINTED WINDOW- MATTE BLACK, COMPLETE W/ HARDWARE - Fits 2007 to 2018 Unlimited 4 door. Will include hardtop storage dolly and soft top boot (has some seams pulling apart due to tight fit). Use 4 Summers only on my 2014 Jeep that I sold las year. Back window has a...
  17. Win a Soft top

    Bestop, Inc.
    Looking for a NEW soft top for as little as $3? Check out Purchase a $3 ticket and you could win a customized Trektop Pro or a Trektop NX Twill! We have a 4-door AND a 2-door to raffle off! The full $3 goes to the American Cancer Society in support of breast cancer...
  18. Bestop sailcloth fit??

    YJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey there! Hoping someone can give me some advice... I've had my 95 YJ for over a decade now but it was finally time to replace the old top. So first I ordered a quadratec replacement top which fit incredibly loosely. Like, it was literally flapping in the breeze and I was a bit concerned it...
  19. Trektop Pro + Cargo Nets

    JK General Discussion Forum
    So I don't know if this would be better suited for the Soft Top thread, or if this could be considered a general suggestion / wishlist for Bestop... But I have owned a Trektop Pro for ~2 months now (love it). And now that summer is here, I'm starting to do some research on different cargo nets...
  20. Bestop Half Top, Installation and Initial Thoughts

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hello, this morning is picked up my Bestop Half-Top, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about it combines a duster, bikini, and a Windstopper into one enclosed system. Essentially sealing in the interior of your Jeep. Once I get to the fabric installation I'll admit the photos stop...