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bikini top hardware

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  1. YJ Technical Discussion
    I wanted to know if anybody could point me in the direction of a bikini top for an 88' that covers both the front and back seats? It is easy to find them for 92-95, but not for 88s. I've also heard of conversations being done to make it fit, as I understand the roll cage was extended in 92'. Any...
  2. TJ Technical Discussion
    I have a 1999 TJ with a softtop and hardtop. I'm looking at purchasing a mesh Koolbreez full roll bar top from Quaddratec. Do I need to buy the windsheild channel? And are they easy to take on and off? I like to run most of the summer with no top on but at times If were out all day I would like...
  3. YJ Technical Discussion
    Ok I bought my 93 with a hard top on it. This summer I want to install a Bikini Top. I believe I'm missing the hardware that goes from the windshield to the roll bar. I see the holes on both the i believe line up but I have no idea what the piece is called or how it would be installed any...
1-3 of 3 Results