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    Good afternoon all! I currently have a YJ that needs, at the very least, a body but a decent non-patchwork frame wouldn’t hurt either so if anyone is in/near the New England area, please let me know. I added CJ7 to the title because I’m open to dropping my engine/drive train into one as well...
  2. TJ Tech Forum
    Hello everyone, I have an 04 LJ that has been my ride or die for the last 8 years. Somewhere around 4 years ago, I noticed the stock diamond plating on my rockers were starting to show some rust on the outside and that some rust-colored water was coming from behind them. I pulled the plates...
  3. TJ Tech Forum
    I've been searching for the little rubber elbow from the MAP sensor to the throttle body and I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have a part number for it or something that will work in it's place?
  4. Tennessee Jeep Forum
    I have a 2000 Wrangler that has some rust on the body (and a little on the frame) around the mounts. Probably needs new floor pans and frame channels. Anybody know of a body shop around Knoxville that will do this kind of work? I have called a dozen places and can't find anybody willing to...
  5. YJ Tech Forum
    There different side panels being made for YJ's. I wanted to ask if any of you guys have any experience with them and which ones you recommend as far as how well they fit goes. I'm looking at buying a YJ that has some rust in a couple places along each side that will eventually need fixed and if...
  6. TJ Tech Forum
    I'm currently in the process of replacing the windshield frame since the old one was rotting pretty badly. I also got new windshield frame hinges since the old ones were rusty underneath. Before I put the new windshield frame hinges on how should I go about protecting the body underneath them...
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    For sale in NRV/South west Virginia: Excellent condition black Rally Tops 2 piece hardtop for 04-06 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. These are $1995 +$300 for the roof rack +$275 for the moon roof +$35 for the dome light, plus freight shipping (IIRC this was around $250). It also has screened half...
  8. YJ Tech Forum
    Hi guys, I bought a 94 Wrangler one year ago and have spent that time working on most everything. I finally bought new tires (31x10.5x15") and wheels (15"x9"), which Discount Tire told me would not rub. Naturally, they did, but not on the highway, only when we go 4-wheeling in the mountains. So...
  9. CJ General Discussion Forum
    Try #2. Bought a Jeep so that I could spend time with my girlfriend’s sons and bond with them. Then a neighbor gave us another. They are a ’79 CJ and an ’86 CJ. Each has it’s PROs and CONs. But the tub and frame on the ‘79 are in better condition than the’ 86. But the engine and tranny in the...
  10. JK General Discussion Forum
    Ok so I hate to make another lift thread but after searching I'm having trouble finding an answer to my question. I'm also having trouble figuring out how to ask this question so bare with me... OK I want 35s. bam I want Teraflex. bam so Teraflex 1251000 - TeraFlex 2.5" Lift Kit with Shocks for...
  11. JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm on a $3500 budget for my wheels, tires, and body+suspension lift kit. Just drove home my first JK and wanted to see what others have done - what works, what doesnt. Will be putting 35" BFG Mud Terrains on there. Dying to take this baby out in the sticks. Any recommendations would be...
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    Selling my Body Armor trail doors with mirrors. Great condition! Asking $325 for the doors and mirrors. If you want more pics just PM me and I'll take some more when I get off work. I'd prefer to stay local for now. Feel free to shoot me an offer as well. Thanks for looking.
  13. TJ General Discussion Forum
    My brother painted my headlight bezels to match my Jeep. Whatcha think?
  14. TJ General Discussion Forum
    I'll be posting pics this evening. Gonna plasti dip center of hood, and rear corners to start... We shall see how this goes. Any advice before I get started? :wavey:
  15. YJ Tech Forum
    Ok, so i have a 1991 Wrangler Sahara edition, and i was wondering what kind of lift kits would be good, i know that both suspension and body lift kits exist, but however my knowledge of them is terrible. im looking to go up 4" or so but once again im not very knowledgeable with lift kits. Thanks :)
  16. YJ Tech Forum
    hi my name is cole I have a 93 wrangler. I recently broke my frame, so I bought a used frame but it came with a tub already on it. the body on the new frame is rust free and my old one is rotted out so I want to use the new body as well. Here's the problem the new body is totally gutted out...
  17. YJ Tech Forum
    Hey everyone. I feel supremely awkward posting on an Internet forum, I've never done this before, I always find my answers on google but have had zero luck on a clear cut explanation. I am new to jeeps, i just bought a pretty neat looking 93 yj running 31s, the 4cyl 5 speed. I went to price a...
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    my 92 yj has a 4" body lift or 4.5" not sure on it when i bought it but will this cause me trouble trying to mount a winch plate
1-18 of 37 Results