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  1. JL Technical Discussion
    I’m interested in manually disconnecting my sway bar on my 2022 JLUS. Does anyone know, when reconnecting my sway bar after wheeling, if any of the bolts/screws need to be torqued? If so, how much? It’s bone stock, by the way please and thanks
  2. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone , Is my first post here but Im a long time fan from this page ..I need help .. Im an avid diy mechanic and recently removed the starter motor and the 2 bolts for replace , the old starter and the new starter fit perfectly , but now I cant figure how the old bolts fit loose only in...
  3. General Jeep Discussion
    The wires turn with the nut. We tried holding the wires in position with needle nose pliers but no luck. We also used blast penetrating spray several times over 24 ,hrs. Too scared to cut the wires. Any tips or help appreciated. Thank you
  4. JL General Discussion
    My new Jeep JL arrived and I noticed that the bolts in the handle (just above the glove box in front of the passenger seat) are bright silver. I’m looking for a way to either swap the bolts out for black, color them black or somehow cover them. I prefer swapping them, so seeking any advice on...
  5. JK Technical Discussion
    Hey gang, I'm missing a bolt from my 2015 JK tailgate. I've searched but can't find the screw size. Thanks for the help!
  6. JK General Discussion
    Took off doors and put them back on. Now that door bolts aren’t flush. Is this normal? They’re tight but there is a few millimeter gap between them and the hinge. What did I do wrong?
  7. JK Technical Discussion
    Tried to do my first manual transmission fluid change on my 2015 Sport Unlimited. Ran into the inevitable issue with that stupid exhaust crossover blocking the transmission fluid drain plug - planned on trying to disconnect the crossover at the passenger side flange (right near the transmission...
  8. JK Technical Discussion
    I know this should be an easy job but does anyone know the trick to breaking the top bolt loose? I have the stubby ratchet but there is so little room I can't get enough grip/leverage to loosen the bolt.
  9. TJ General Discussion
    Hey new to the jeep scene, 2006 TJ so I was putting my doors back on and as i was tightening the nut both my driverside bolts snapped.... :atomic: Anyone have any good recommendations for new hinges? Thanks
  10. TJ General Discussion
    So i have a broken screw in the hole that attaches the little bar that holds the strap to the door. my friend thought he knew what he was doing and drilled a hole through it, i dont know if it helped or hurt but i cant get it out, what should i do?
  11. TJ Technical Discussion
    Vehicle: 97 TJ 4.0 4x4. Stock suspension. Issue: track bar bolt has come loose (causing death wobble). This is the last [f-ing] time that I'm putting up with this, since it definitely has not been the first :atomic:. I hate that stupid star-head bolt, and I want to replace it with a...
  12. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, So I just got a 50 inch light bar and when I started to install the brackets for it I ran into a HUGE problem! The bolt that is rounded and it isn't flush like the others is stuck! I tried just about everything I could think of to get it out but it still won't budge. When I used an...
  13. JK Technical Discussion
    Hi gang! I just have this crazy idea of going 5 on 5.5 on my JK, please don't ask why. I can go and get a set of adapters but I don't like that. I know G2 and some others make axle shafts for the JK with dual pattern. That may work for the rear, but I haven't found an option for the front. I...
  14. JK General Discussion
    I wanted to share the custom fabricated spare tire lock my friend and I made for my Jeep... The problem: The BOLT spare tire lock would not work as designed with my ProComp wheels. I did, however, like the idea of having a lock that was made for my Jeep's key. The solution: Fabricate a new...
  15. JK Technical Discussion
    I live in PA, and (obviously) we get some snow. Tracking in all of the wet and anti-ice/de-ice junk has caused my forward right seat mount bolt drivers side to get a little corroded. I'd like to replace it, but can't seem to find them anywhere. Even the guy at the parts counter of the local Jeep...
  16. JK General Discussion
    Quick question about the Grade 8 Hardware Kit from Northridge 4x4... The kit includes: A. (4) Domestic 9/16‐18 X 3" Grade 8 Hex Head Cap Screw Yellow Zinc B. (8) Domestic 9/16‐18 X 4" Grade 8 Hex Head Cap Screw Yellow Zinc C. (2) 14MM bolt and Lock Nut Zinc (and nuts/washers) Correct me if...
  17. YJ Technical Discussion
    Hi guys, I bought a 94 Wrangler one year ago and have spent that time working on most everything. I finally bought new tires (31x10.5x15") and wheels (15"x9"), which Discount Tire told me would not rub. Naturally, they did, but not on the highway, only when we go 4-wheeling in the mountains. So...
  18. JK Technical Discussion
    I just had my front diff. fluid changed- and got a very nasty surprise. This bolt was found in my front housing- along with a sh** ton of shavings. I had a front locker and RCV axle shafts installed a few months ago. Haven't used the locker much until a couple of weeks ago. At that point the...
  19. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone. Apologies if this is somewhere else, I tried searching a few times with no luck. I have a 2001 sahara with the CA CARB compliant emissions system. I have bad cats in the downpipe and have the replacement, but I can't get one of the nuts off. These are the nuts with a welded...
1-19 of 29 Results