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  1. Burning smell from front calipers

    JK Tech Forum
    Hi guys, been driving around the past couple days and I noticed a slight burning smell coming from my front wheels. I did have a stuck caliper on the right but had that replaced now the smell is coming from both front wheels. On the drivers side it looks as though there is a leak but i'm not...
  2. Abs

    JK Tech Forum
    Can anyone give me a hand. I have a 2015 Jku with 80k. Around Sept 2017 ive had the rear rotors resurfaced. Everything was fine, till Oct 2019. scrapping noises, was coming from the rear so i replaced the rotors with Powerstop OE. When i was replacing them. the right rear pads specifically the...
  3. Brake Issues - Pulling and Sticking

    JK Tech Forum
    I have a 2012 JKU Sport with about 145k miles on it. I have not had it long and as long as I have had it it has always pulled to the passenger side when braking at any speed. To the point that at highway speeds that you have to hold the steering wheel or you will end up off the road or in your...
  4. Beach Sand in Brakes

    JK Tech Forum
    I'll be taking my 2018 Sahara Unlimited JK to the beach this weekend for the first time ever. I am concerned about having sand in my calipers after I go home. Any good suggestions on how best to clean it out using a hose or HP washer? Don't want to hurt anything either. Thanks for the help!
  5. No Brakes

    JK Tech Forum
    Hey All, I have a general idea of what's going on with my Jeep, I just wanted to ask the experts for their advice on this issue. Yesterday I was ripping around in town when I stopped at the bank and lost all pressure at the brake pedal. I got out and noticed brake fluid leaking. For a couple...
  6. Squeal in emergency brake??

    JK Tech Forum
    I did a search but couldn't find anything on this. About a week ago, my 2013 Wrangler Sport started a squeal at the rear end. This mostly happened when the car was moving very slow, say about 4 to 8 miles an hour. I changed the brake pads today (34,000 miles) and the squeal is still there...
  7. Brake pedal going to the floor

    JK Tech Forum
    Our 2007 JKU had some smoking from the front brakes after parking and the pads and rotors were really hot. Initially, I thought it was a bad caliper, so my son and I had plans to change both front calipers, rotors, and pads. We finished the front right and as we started it up, we noticed the...
  8. Brake kits - my mind is numb and my eyes hurt!

    JK General Discussion Forum
    It was a very quiet 12-hour shift on the power grid today, and I had time to read..... and read...... and take notes.... and read more. Until my head hurts. Literally, I came home and took some aspirin! Here's what I have. A 2015 JKU-R Hard Rock. Stock 3.6L-V6, stock 5-speed Auto-Trans...
  9. Brake Upgrade- Power Stop z36

    JK General Discussion Forum Anybody do this?
  10. Teraflex Delta big brake upgrade kit?

    JK Tech Forum
    Hi, Anyone have experience with the Teraflex Delta kit - PN 4403450? I'm long overdue for a brake upgrade, and this one seems to be inline with what i need to...
  11. ABS Code diagnostic help

    TJ Tech Forum
    "Pump motor circuit not working correctly" is all i got from a snap on modis tool.. any idea the cause? Used to be on and off, usually on hot days, then a week later it stuck on for good. 2003 jeep tj x 4 wheel abs
  12. Brake Issues- not buying the dealer explanation

    JK Tech Forum
    So, I pulled the tires off the rear of my 2013 JK to give me space to put in a leveling kit. I noticed the pads were shot, down to metal, not worn evenly basically fell out so I pulled the front tire off. There are 50k miles on the OEM, so I figure it may have been due despite me not hearing...
  13. Front vs. Rear Pad Wear

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I took my Jeep into my mechanic today to have a 5-tire rotation done. After he was done my guy told me my front brakes had 5-10% life left, and recommended the service. Classic upsell and needed service, not a big deal. I took my jeep home without having the brakes done. What's throwing me off...
  14. Brake Caliper Help (Orlando Area)

    Florida Jeep Forum
    Hey guys! I am going to be replacing a sticky brake caliper and wanted to know if there were any peeps in the Longwood, Fl area that would be willing to help me bleed the brakes and install the new caliper. I'm used to changing out pads, but I've never dealt with bleeding the brakes, although it...
  15. HELP - ABS System Failure - 2010 Wrangler Sport

    JK Tech Forum
    My 2010 Wrangler Sport has 66,000 miles (average 8,200 per year). Every warning light on the dash is on (ABS, ESP, Anti-skid, Brake). I took the Jeep to the Jeep dealer for diagnostics. I was told the "ABS module has failed" and the brake fluid pump "might" be seized but they can't tell until...
  16. Brake Pad suggestions please

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Looking for suggestions regarding brake pads, and wondering if anyone has a preference and why over ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads as well. Time to change mine and not about to pay 4 times the price for MOPAR ones :) Thanks!
  17. Vibration and knocking noise

    JK Tech Forum
    A little bit of background on the ride - an otherwise stock 2017 jku sport. 2.5 inch lift, 35 inch BFG KO2's, on 1 inch spacers. A few days ago, I starting feeling a little vibration in the floorboard up to the steering wheel, as well as noticed a faint knocking noise that seemed to come with...
  18. ABS, ESP, BAS lights, after installing new sensors

    JK Tech Forum
    After installing a Teraflex 2"/1" leveling kit (spacers front and rear, new sway bar end links up front), I've had intermittent problem with the ESP on my 2009 JKU. A couple weeks ago, the ABS light came on as well, and it's been pretty solid since then. Sometimes going down my gravel driveway...
  19. Cold Reverse Problem - Lifted Rubicon

    JK Tech Forum
    I have a lifted 2016 JK Rubicon. When I put the Jeep in reverse after starting in the morning, the brake pedal has initial pressure, but quickly softens and loses pressure, barely keeping the Jeep from rolling backwards. It feels a bit like the traction system is grinding at this point. I need...
  20. Excess heat in the rear wheels

    TJ Tech Forum
    I posted this previously in the General Discussion forum by accident, just realized today that it was in the wrong place so I figured I'd post it again here. I included my original post as well as my update from today.