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  1. TJ Technical Discussion
    :atomic:Hi, I just installed a brown dog motor mount lift and I'm wondering why I'm having so many vibrations. 1.) I have torqued it to spec as best I can(be noted I'm using an old ~crap~ torque wrench) 2.) The motor mounts are the 1" Brown Dog Motor Mounts Ultra-Flex Rubber 3.)The vibrations...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    I'm looking at doing a 1"/1.25" BL with 1" MML, and I'm a bit confused. There seem to be these spacers that have been called Budget Motor Mount Lifts that use your stock mounts, require grinding down the stud, and are $72 + shipping, like these: JKS TJ / YJ 1" Budget Motor Mount Lift - JKS8100...
1-2 of 2 Results