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  1. Water vs. Fuel Storage (and how)?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Why can't I find a bumper that stores water and/or fuel? Does one exist? I know AEV makes a bumper with plastic inserts that carry 4.6 gal, but I'm looking for more capacity. When I get deep into back country like Big Bend, Texas I need lots of water and fuel to survive and get back out to...
  2. Looking to buy new front bumper

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Looking for suggestions on front bumpers. Been shopping around and I am not sure which one is good. Help a guy out!
  3. Custom Bumper Blueprints

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I've got a local metal shop that will fabricate anything I can find a blueprint for. I'm looking for suggestions on where to find blueprints for custom front and back bumpers for my '07 JKU-X. Thanks in advance!
  4. Weird bumper storage space...for a winch???

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Okay I cannot make sense of this front bumper on my new to me jeep. It looks like maybe you could put a winch in there but there are only two holes on the bottom. Additionally there is no mouth out the front of the bumper to run the cable. Any one clue me in on wtf I am missing?!? PICS...
  5. WTB: Mopar Rock Crawler Front Bumper For TJ

    I'm looking for a Mopar rock crwaler front bumper for my TJ. I know it's a long shot as they have been discontinued for some time now. I'm willing to pick up in NJ and the surrounding states.
  6. Budget Bumper Build-up.

    Budget Bumper Build-up.

    Bumper mods
  7. Budget Bumper Build-up.

    Budget Bumper Build-up.

    Bumper mods
  8. Bent Front Stock Bumper... Fix?

    TJ Tech Forum
    "And the Boulder Wins!" for $500 Alex I managed to do this little bend and crinkle to my stock bumper about 16 years ago somewhere in the Southern California Desert. I hit a large immovable object going about 15-20 mph, while hard on the brakes. Sand is the Devil I tell ya. I tried to fix it...
  9. Canada J8 Original Bumpers

    Classifieds Archive
    Great condition, front would be bolt on on a JK, rear would need a couple of simple T brackets. 100% Original, have Mopar part # stamped. Got them from a decommissioned JK from middle east. Some peeling but no bends.
  10. Rubicon steel bumper end cap

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Are there any companies that make bumper end caps like these that are metal? Plastic end caps just don't feel right... Thanks, Hackhound
  11. Hooke Road Giveaway Again-Jeep JK Wrangler Front & Rear Bumper

    Vendor Spotlight! Great Deals for Members.
    Hooke Road need reviewers for these 2 bumpers,do anyone want to get them for free in exchange a quality product review? Contact me personally via PM so we can discuss further.
  12. OEDRO Stubby Bumper, 3 Layers, Up to 30% Off

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    OEDRO's bumpers are made to fit your Jeep Wrangler perfectly. Made of quality, heavy-duty materials that will protect your Jeep on and off-road while giving it a unique look. 10% Off Promo Code: FORWRANGLERFORUM Click here to know more: Stubby Front Bumper Combo with 2x LED Lights For...
  13. *BIG SALE*UP TO 40% Off Auto Parts for Wrangler

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    OEDRO dedicate to ensure great products at competitive prices. We continuously strive to provide high-quality products and services to fellow Jeepers and truck owners. Here are some of our high-quality products for Jeep. OEDRO floor mats: Our best seller. Original price: $115.99, now $72.99...
  14. OEDRO Rear Bumper and Front Mid-width Bumper Save $184.5

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    Looking for Bumper for your Jeep? Choose a pair bumper would be a good choice since you needn’t to worry about the rear bumper is match the front bumper or not. OEDRO is on a big sale. You can get the bumper combination at $454.48 with our 10% off code, which means you can save $184.5 total...
  15. California 2017 JKUR Suspension, Rear Bumper, Air Dam - Free Local Pickup

    Classifieds Archive
    Takeoffs from my 2017 JKUR after installing a lift. Suspension parts have 11K miles which included some wheeling / gravel roads, so there are some dings here and there but just cosmetic and all in great working condition. Local pickup only, in Sunnyvale. I may add some photos later. Parts I...
  16. WTB: Rubicon 10A 10th Anniversary / Hard Rock Bumper set

    Classifieds Archive
    Looking for Rubicon Anniversary/10A Hard Rock Bumper--especially front but interested in rear and skid plate as well--please respond to thread or PM if you have available. Located in CT but willing to travel. Much thanks!
  17. Tire Carrier Upgrade: What do I need?

    JK Tech Forum
    Hi, all. I'm new here, and I drive a 2013 Rubicon JKU. Literally TODAY, my local mechanic got my order of Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/75/r17's in and I dropped them off for an install. I talk to him at the end of the day and he says he hasn't yet installed the fifth tire on the spare wheel yet...
  18. Pennsylvania PA: Rampage Recovery Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier

    Classifieds Archive
    For sale is my Rampage Recovery Recovery Rear Bumper with Spare tire swing Part number 86606. This bumper is just over a year old. I have painted over the factory powdercoat to match my front bumper and rock sliders. No rust, no dings, no damage I paid over $900 and am ready to take a beating...
  19. Illinois Red Tow Hooks / Hitch / Bumper Appliques / Mirrors

    Classifieds Archive
    Pulled the OEM bumpers off my JKU, selling some un-needed parts. Sorry, I did not get a chance to clean anything up before posting pictures. Prefer local pickup but will ship on your dime. All prices are OBO. *10A rear tow hooks - pair of red rear tow hooks. these have seen some use and are in...
  20. Finally the Jeep Life (help with bumper identification)

    WF New Member Check In
    Hello All! Very excited to be a new member and a very new Jeep owner. Couple of days ago I finally bought a long wished for Wrangler. Got a white 2015 Wrangler with the WW package. 2 door, 6 speed manual. I've got plenty of mods in mind for the coming months and can't wait to get started and...