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  1. JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    i have seen this item under safety group. so what is meant by "Injection Molded Black Rear Bumper". how is it different from default bumper ?
  2. EV and Hybrid JL Wrangler Forum
    I have the cheap plastic bumper on my Sahara without the tow kit. It's got he stock 20" rims with 275/55R20 BSW All-Season Tires. I'm in Florida and would like to take it on some light trails, but this is probably going to be once every 3-4 months. Otherwise, this is a car for hauling infants...
  3. JK General Discussion Forum
    I’m lookin to upgrade my stock 2012 Jeep Wrangler’s front bumper any suggestions of brands? Thanks
  4. JK Tech Forum
    I had a shop pop this bumper into place while they were doing some other work. Eveyrthing is good, and it's solid and strong. This weekend I was installing my winch, and noticed that these two bolt holes are empty. The bumper actually goes underneath this support. It seems like there shoudl...
  5. JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Hey all, Just ordered a 2021 JLUR in Hydro Blue with the 3.0L V6 Turbo DIESEL. It is coming with plastic bumpers, front and rear. I am looking for a factory steel front bumper, as I want to add a winch. Lots available out there, but fitment is a bit confusing, depending on where you look...
  6. JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Hey y’all, I’m looking to lift my Jeep and add new bumpers. I came across this picture and really like the bumper. Does anyone know the name of this and where I can purchase?
  7. JK Tech Forum
    I've just bought a new 10th anniversary bumper for my JK (part number 82213653AB) from an online marketplace here in Dubai. I downloaded the fitting instructions and fitted the bumper which wasn't a problem, but... I've still got a load of extra parts that come with the bumper and no idea what...
  8. JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    Newbie here! Has anyone else installed a raptor front bumper, only to be left disappointed? The expectation I had in ordering from stock images has left me with huge disappointment. My stock bumper looked better! It has turned my lifted jeep into looking like a micro Jeep (in my opinion).
  9. JK Tech Forum
    I am wondering what the issue is on this rear bumper. I don’t know if it’s just the plastic. If I need to buy new parts. Quite frankly I don’t know anything and I would just like to at the very least understand what I’m dealing with. I don’t really trust the dealer on this so I came here.
  10. JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    Hey all, I'm having a hard time finding an aftermarket bumper that will fit my factory fog lights. Does anyone have any good recommendations. Id like to use the factory wiring and just plug and play the lights.
  11. JK General Discussion Forum
    Why can't I find a bumper that stores water and/or fuel? Does one exist? I know AEV makes a bumper with plastic inserts that carry 4.6 gal, but I'm looking for more capacity. When I get deep into back country like Big Bend, Texas I need lots of water and fuel to survive and get back out to...
  12. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Looking for suggestions on front bumpers. Been shopping around and I am not sure which one is good. Help a guy out!
  13. JK General Discussion Forum
    I've got a local metal shop that will fabricate anything I can find a blueprint for. I'm looking for suggestions on where to find blueprints for custom front and back bumpers for my '07 JKU-X. Thanks in advance!
  14. JK General Discussion Forum
    Okay I cannot make sense of this front bumper on my new to me jeep. It looks like maybe you could put a winch in there but there are only two holes on the bottom. Additionally there is no mouth out the front of the bumper to run the cable. Any one clue me in on wtf I am missing?!? PICS...
  15. Classifieds Archive
    I'm looking for a Mopar rock crwaler front bumper for my TJ. I know it's a long shot as they have been discontinued for some time now. I'm willing to pick up in NJ and the surrounding states.
  16. TJ Tech Forum
    "And the Boulder Wins!" for $500 Alex I managed to do this little bend and crinkle to my stock bumper about 16 years ago somewhere in the Southern California Desert. I hit a large immovable object going about 15-20 mph, while hard on the brakes. Sand is the Devil I tell ya. I tried to fix it...
  17. Classifieds Archive
    Great condition, front would be bolt on on a JK, rear would need a couple of simple T brackets. 100% Original, have Mopar part # stamped. Got them from a decommissioned JK from middle east. Some peeling but no bends.
1-19 of 331 Results