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  1. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    Selling a brand new Maximus-3 J/K Stinger Hoop for JK Rubicon Hard Rock/X/10A/75th style bumper. I purchased this and didn't get a chance to install it before upgrading to a JL, now it's past the return window. Asking $275 OBO. From the manufacturer: Get Added Protection with a Stinger from...
    $275 USD
  2. JK General Discussion
    I have a 2013 JKUR 10th anniversary edition and I got the "bolt on" tire carrier (like this post)... but it requires this bracket that has been backordered since last August. Smittybilt first told me Jan, then Feb, now no ETA. Are there alternatives? Custom shop? This is the part I'm...
  3. JK Technical Discussion
    After removing my stock bumper, only 3 of these came out. Should I have 4? If there’s supposed to be 4, could I make do with just 3 or would I have buy the third? Where could I get another one of these? 08 Wrangler JK.
  4. *JL Parts
    I removed this bumper shortly after taking delivery of my 2023 JLR. There's a few scratches on the front bumps, and I've removed the factory halogen fog lamps. I'll throw in a set of LED fog lamps, as well as the surrounding plastic parts and a license plate frame. Please see pics for condition...
    $250 USD
  5. Texas Jeep Forum
    So i have a bunch of mods i wanna add to my jeep ;bumpers lights etc but who do I go to to install these? I installed a few things from youtube but It takes me too long im not handy! Lol so who do you guys go to. Im located in Houston Tx affordable reasonably priced please thanks
  6. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    Brand New and Still in the box Rugged Ridge Modular XHD Front Stinger Bumper Bar 11540.13. Designed to be used with the Rugged Ridge Modular XHD Front Bumper System but I am sure it can be customized to fit a wide range of bumper installations with some creativity. More details over at...
    $160 USD
  7. JK General Discussion
    Not sure if this will gain any interest, but I recently ordered the cheapest jk bumper off ebay for $105 ($113 w/ tax + free delivery). I received it yesterday and while shipping wasn't kind to it, I am shocked at the quality (in a good way). It was the Rampage 99509 TrailRam. After some...
  8. JL Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I had a shop install a tow hitch for my JLU (equipped with rear parking sensors) yesterday and today I noticed that the parking sensor would go off (left side) and constantly beep when in reverse. It would do this occasionally, when I backed out of my driveway this morning, it was...
  9. JL General Discussion
    So I just installed the new rough country tubular rear bumper, I was bummed when I found out that the smaller inner fender piece that connects to my bumper isnt going fit back on, now my entire rear is going to be exposed to dirt and debris from my tires. I have tried googling for some fenders...
  10. JL General Discussion
    Has anyone tried to put the OEM LED fog lights into the rugged ridge XOR stubby front bumper? This one: Do they work with this bumper at all? Thanks
  11. JK General Discussion
    Hey guys, I cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye when I say that I have searched for this answer. What is the actual color code/description/name of the stock silver bumper insert/applique? I'm referring to the removable center covers on the front and rear bumper. Originally...
  12. JK General Discussion
    I spent 6 hrs this afternoon pulling off the grille, bumper, and all the odds and ends to take dimensions for the grille/bumper replacement that I'm going to build. So, here's what I got: Here's the link: Free CAD Designs, Files & 3D Models | The GrabCAD Community Library And context...
  13. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    Brand new Fab fours stubby bumper. It's still in the box and in perfect condition. The reason I am selling is that I changed my mind and got a different bumper instead. Sells online for around $550. Willing to ship if the customer pays the shipping. Preferably local pickups in South Florida. Box...
    $420 USD
  14. JL General Discussion
    Hi, Was having a problem with the rear parking sensors on my 2021 Jeep Rubicon (two would always go off even if nothing behind and 3rd never went off). The dealership final found the issue (the bumper was slightly off). They replaced the sensors and they are working now. Only issue is that...
  15. JL General Discussion
    I have a 2019 Sahara Unlimited for reference.So I was thinking about getting the Westing WJ2 stubby front bumper, here's the link: but I am worried it won't work on my Sahara JL Unlimited. Under the select your vehicle menu...
  16. JL Technical Discussion
    i have seen this item under safety group. so what is meant by "Injection Molded Black Rear Bumper". how is it different from default bumper ?
  17. JL Hybrid and EV Forum
    I have the cheap plastic bumper on my Sahara without the tow kit. It's got he stock 20" rims with 275/55R20 BSW All-Season Tires. I'm in Florida and would like to take it on some light trails, but this is probably going to be once every 3-4 months. Otherwise, this is a car for hauling infants...
  18. JK General Discussion
    I’m lookin to upgrade my stock 2012 Jeep Wrangler’s front bumper any suggestions of brands? Thanks
  19. JK Technical Discussion
    I had a shop pop this bumper into place while they were doing some other work. Eveyrthing is good, and it's solid and strong. This weekend I was installing my winch, and noticed that these two bolt holes are empty. The bumper actually goes underneath this support. It seems like there shoudl...
1-19 of 347 Results