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    I am BEYOND stoked to obtain this vehicle. Though, I know nothing about cars, or jeeps. I'd like to be a bit knowledgeable of this car before I get it, ya know? Can anyone feed me some basic knowledge about wranglers, what to expect, etc.? Also, a stupid question, I see a lot of jeeps referred...
  2. General Jeep Discussion
    Hi, I am new here and i think this is such a cool site!!! anyways i want to ask a question. I have a blue islander 2010 model ...with beautiful blue and black seats....I had my coffee mug there and it was supposedly closed really carefully ...but it ended up being upside down and now i have...
  3. TJ General Discussion Forum
    i have a 1997 jeep and it is my first car. it needs to be inspected soon in june. there are somethings that i need to get fixed like horn,e-brake,left blinker, ect. what all do they look for while inspection the car so i know what i need to replace first?
  4. General Jeep Discussion
    Hello everyone im 15 years old and really want a wrangler for my first car..i want to black it out and put a lift on it..i don't really know specs for cars but i do want it to look nice! my parents don't mind how much they spend on the exterior/interior parts but not too much out of the...
  5. TJ General Discussion Forum
    It would seem that when I went through my local car wash the first two times without a problem that the third time would be no big deal. Then again, with 35's just put on and a 4.5'' lift, I did not think it through. I pulled up to the entrance and immediately was told to leave. lol. Then I...
  6. General Jeep Discussion
    What kind of car alarms does everyone have? The reason I ask is because I am currently shopping for a car alarm but am really indecisive. I think I'm going to get the 2009 alarm on but I'm not sure yet. What do you guys recommend?
1-6 of 7 Results