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  1. General Jeep Discussion
    I went and test drove a 2013 Jeep Wrangler with 30k miles on it. Looked underneath it and it didn't have bad rust except for on the muffler, which I have them replacing for me. So basically I was about ready to buy it and shook their hands and now I have a down payment on it and would be...
  2. Classifieds Archive
    So it just occurred to me I only used 3 of the 5 carfax reports I bought.. I figured I'd give someone buying a Jeep the last two.. They expire in 6 days (April 20th).. Send me a PM and I will change the carfax login information to your e-mail address and give you a new password to use it. Had...
  3. General Jeep Discussion
    Im sure this is going to stir up some discussion and feel free to take it down moderators, but I am looking into a new rig and wondering if anyone has an unlimited autocheck or carfax account that could run a vin for me? The VIN is: 1J4FY29P4VP403745 If you could pm me if you are able to and...
1-3 of 4 Results