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coil springs
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  1. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hello, sorry if this is an old topic but I couldn't find anything in the search category. I'm worried my springs need replaced. I attempted to measure them and the both of the rear springs were around seven inches and both the front springs were around 11 inch. As I understand it that means they...
  2. JL Technical Discussion
    I tow a small camper, tongue weight about 300#. I use a WD hitch but would like stiffen the rear a little more. I installed Firestone Airbags on my JK and they worked great. Has anyone found a product similar for the JL? I do not want or need need a lift kit, just a little help for the soft...
  3. JK General Discussion
    So my 2014 JKUR has a 4" Teraflex LGC lift on it, which was on it when I purchased the Jeep. After adding on a rather heavy aftermarket bumper (my father and I custom make them from 3/16" steel and Line-x them), I noticed my front end rake is a bit lower than even when stock. Not knowing if...
  4. JK Technical Discussion
    So after almost 2 years into my build, still trying to work out the final kinks in my suspension. Specifically - what sounds like a bump stop to frame smacking in the ass end of the rig. I've tried a few times to garner assistance on this topic previously - but since i have a Frankenlift, it's...
  5. Classifieds Archive
    Selling coil springs and shocks from my 2017 rubicon recon unlimited. Gear has less than 600 miles in total. Local pick up only (NY). Make me a offer :drinks:
  6. Classifieds Archive
    I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler Stock coil springs and suspension for sale. Asking $70 or O.B.O
  7. Australia Jeep Forum
    Hi, I was buying some Jeep stuff off Gumtree the other day and (cutting a long story short here) I ended up buying 4 Dobi Coil Springs, unused, in the boxes, from him. The guy said they were for a JK Jeep 2-Door if I wanted to do the lift. So I've seen all these kits online that include Shocks...
  8. JK Technical Discussion
    So, since apparently I'm not going to get answers to either of these questions, i need to make some decisions on how to proceed.
  9. JK Technical Discussion
    Hi, I need to get the specifications for this spring: Mopar part # - 5212-6317AC I'm trying to get the correct coils for my lift kit, and the company wants to know what came on the rig stock. Already tried Google, where i can find all kinds for sale - with no specs. Tried local dealership...
  10. BDS Suspension
    Hey @BDS, can you tell me what the coil rates in the springs that come in your 4.5" LA kit for 2016 JKUR? I know they are: F linear 175 lb/in R linear 180 lb/in But i also need to know the free height and diameter of both F&R coils. TIA D
  11. Illinois Jeep Forum
    Hey everyone, so I'm working on building my monster. Does anyone know of any stores or websites that sell colored coil springs? I'm really looking for red ones, but haven't had much luck. Please reply if you have any info, Thanks! Jas. Lucifer'14
  12. JK Technical Discussion
    Alright. I have bought a new bumper and and a winch for my '09 JKU Sport, and I estimate the net weight increase on the front end to be between 110 to 115 lbs. I know there will be some sag associated with the added weight, and possibly handling issues like dive when braking. What I would...
  13. JK Technical Discussion
    Bought a set of 2014 Rubicon JKU take-off coil springs, 17/59 for cheap. Planned on putting them on my 07 JKU X along with a set of 2" AEV spacers that I have already. I just want a little height for trails and 33's or maybe 35's. I just looked and l and found that I have 18/56 coils on mine...
  14. Classifieds Archive
    For Sale: 2013 JKU Suspension. Selling all parts that were replaced when I installed my lift kit. Includes, Coil Springs, shocks, steering stabilizer, track bar and connectors (not sure what they are called). All parts are in excellent condition and where removed by dealership with less...
  15. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hey guys looking for recommendations on new front coils now that I have a SBC in my old SE. I currently run a 2.5" front coil spacer on 31's and with the extra weight of the V8 (about 150 pounds I think from the inline 4) I am definitely sagging and having pretty good dip on braking. My question...
  16. TJ General Discussion
    I just ordered my bilstein 5100 shocks. I heard so many good things that I bit the bullet and bought them. Now I'm debating a few things. I have 2" coil spacers, the bilstein shocks are intended for a 3" lift. Not a huge difference but it counts. I plan on ditching the coil spacers and getting...
  17. JK General Discussion
    Im new to the threads and have question that someone can hopefully help me out with.. I have a 2008 JK Sahara that has the teraflex 2.5 inch coil spacer lift with shock adapters attached to my stock shocks, bump stops, rear sway bar links, brake line brackets and a track bar bracket. This kit...
  18. Classifieds Archive
    Front and Rear Coil Springs for sale - $125 obo :thumb: Off my 2006 Rubicon Unlimited have roughly 96K on them. Anyone interested PM me Located in Red Lion, PA willing to ship if paid via pay pal and all shipping costs are covered along with negotiated price. (Will get pictures up when I...
  19. TJ General Discussion
    I currently have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ with 101,000 miles. the only suspension upgrade i have is the 2" spacers. what do you recommend i upgrade first the Coil springs or the Shocks. i have about 400$ to spend
  20. General Jeep Discussion
    See original post here - Thx
1-20 of 27 Results