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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    I have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler unlimited Sahara that keeps getting a p0301 code and a p2302 code. I changed out all of my coil packs, spark plugs, and even changed out my computer. I’ve recently changed out all my rocker arms as well and my camshafts looked fine. My coil pack keeps cracking causing...
  2. JK Technical Discussion
    07 JKU. Fresh engine rebuild. Since then nothing but problems. Multiple misfire, all 4 o2 sensors coded, ignition coil a side problem . Since then a R&R ECU done. Jeep drove great home from the mechanic and since junk again. Throwing ignition coil b this time and the o2 sensors again with...
  3. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hello. I have had my 98 Wrangler for about 8 years. In that time we have replaced the ignition coil three or four times. Every time we have a loss of power, jerking, and pull over until for a minute until it comes back to normal. This typically happens when the coil gets wet by a puddle, car...
  4. TJ Technical Discussion
    Have searched and can't seem to find a replacement connector. I have been chasing a misfire for 4 days. new injectors, cam sensor, crank sensor, TPS, IAC, plugs and coil. That fixed it... for a short time. This evening the jeep just shut down in a parking lot, i popped the hood. jiggled the...
  5. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hey all, I’m hoping someone with more knowledge than myself might be able to help me solve this. I’ve owned this 2003 Wrangler for a little less than a year and it has ~80,000 miles on it. It has a 4 cylinder manual transmission and is currently stuck in southern Utah, unable to get above 30...
  6. JK General Discussion
    I'm still considering my options for a suspension lift kit. I'm going with 35 inch tires. I am pretty sure that I want to go with the new Falcon 3.3 shocks. In doing my research between a few of the major companies, particularly Metalcloak, Teraflex, and Rock Krawler, I note that all 3 of...
  7. JK Technical Discussion
    So, since apparently I'm not going to get answers to either of these questions, i need to make some decisions on how to proceed.
  8. TJ Technical Discussion
    I'm not getting a spark out of the ignition coil. I've already replaced the coil but still no spark. Any ideas?
  9. JK Technical Discussion
    Does anybody know what the resistance and voltage specs are for the coil pack that comes with the 3.8L engine models? (2007-2011)
  10. TJ Technical Discussion
    What I'm looking for is the maximum travel with short arms, so this would mean coil springs that collapse into the stock bind height (3.75" in the rear) and are 10-12" longer than the bind height uncompressed. Do these exist as coil springs or are coilovers/air suspension the only way to do...
  11. TJ Technical Discussion
    I'm looking for the minimum compressed height (and 'official' uncompressed height) for the TJ coil springs, specifically the V6 Rubicon if that matters. I can't seem to find a source for this. Does anyone know the bind heights?
  12. JK Technical Discussion
    I'm looking for the minimum compressed height (and 'official' uncompressed height) for the JK coil springs, specifically the 59/18 combo if the spring rating matters. I can't seem to find a source for this. Does anyone know the bind heights?
  13. TJ General Discussion
    Alright, so I wanna lift my Jeep...shocker, I know. I'm looking for 3" of lift. I'm curious what springs you all run and how you like 'em. I've been looking at the Metalcloak dual-rate 3.5" springs and was wondering if they are as amazing as they make them look. I tried finding reviews on them...
  14. TJ General Discussion
    I have a damn near bone stock 2000 TJ and I kept thinking something was off and it just dawned on me that it might not be level. Do jeeps come level or need something to change that?
  15. TJ Technical Discussion
    02 TJ Sport This is the rear passenger's side spring. Does it look bent/angled to you? The driver's side looks similar. Also, can you tell if that is the stock coil spring or not? PO put the lift on, and I didn't know much about it at the time of purchasing the jeep. He said it had a...
  16. TJ Technical Discussion
    Ok I did a search and couldn't find anything. But I measured my original stock 1997 front springs as 16 inches long. I know they are probably sagging some. I also found a replacement set of OEM springs on eBay and the auction says that the 97 Jeep Wrangler front springs only measured 16...
  17. TJ General Discussion
    Hey guys, I just bought my first Jeep, (2004 Jeep TJ / 4.0L / 5-Speed) and the only modification was a 2" coil spacer lift. The shocks are Skyjackers (I'll snap pics tomorrow) I'm just wondering if BFG Mud Terrain KM2 33x12.50x15 tires would fit on this? I don't do much wheeling, I plan on...
  18. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    $50 + Shipping Got a set of Rubicon Express 3.5" Rear Coil Springs for a TJ. These have about 25k miles on them and could use some paint. A steal at this price :dance: . Original price: $175 . Buy these now for $50 plus shipping :) .
  19. YJ Technical Discussion
    I was driving down the road at about 20 or so when my jeep started sputtering and went dead. I started it back up and after giving it gas it kicked on for a few seconds then died again. I was told that it may be a fuel pump but I just checked the fuel pump relay and it works. I checked to make...
  20. YJ Technical Discussion
    Okay so my engine starting sputtering one day and by night time got worse and worse until 2 days after of just getting worse my engine is very nic so out of timing and list power to where now it barely starts !! A lot of guys told me check your coil ( I've already changed my fuel filter spark...
1-20 of 27 Results