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  1. Pennsylvania fs dana 30/35 in 3.73 for tj

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    Fs, a pair of tj axles in 3.73. There's nothing wrong with them. I picked up a rubi axle and I'm swapping them out. The front dana LP 30 is out now, good seals, rotors, ujoints. The rear is a dana 35 and in the same shape with like new brake shoes and drums. I'm in pa 18707. Asking 400 for the...
  2. Broken Axle 3.07 D35

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    Bad D35 or Bad Axle? My Tj has 58,000 mi on her. was taking my 8mi trek to work the other day and came to a rolling stop at a four way intersection. when touched the gas I heard a thump and clunk. and initially had no torque to move the jeep forward, so coasted to a stop. I shifted through...
  3. Delaware TJ D30 D35 3.07 rears 45K miles ...$100.00 set

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    I just took these out of my 2001 TJ. D30 and D35 axles, with ABS. 45k miles on them. Original brakes all around (drums and discs have never been off!) Some rust on front shafts, but no issues with internals on either of them. I would like these to go to someone that can use them instead of the...
  4. What should i do?

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    I just had my jeep lifted 4 inches about a month ago. I have the 1997 SE so i have the 4cyl. Im about to put a slip yoke elimantor and new CV driveshaft from tom woods. But i was wondering about swapping out my rear D35 to a D44. But i also wanted to regear the axle to get the power back. I...
  5. Arkansas Detroit EZ Locker, Dana 35

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    I have a Detroit EZ Locker for sale. It fits a Dana 35, 27 spline axles. I bought this locker used from a person on the Jeep forum and bought a new spring kit for it. While waiting for the spring kit the local salvage yard called that they had received a limited slip for my 35 which is what I...
  6. Need spider gears for a 27 spline d35c

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    in need of spider gears for my d35c. attached is a pic of what i need. (top spider gear)
  7. just blew up my d35...not a surprise, right?

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    so i lost traction in the rear as i was leaving the parking lot at my school. heard a loud bang from the rear. checked it out, didnt see anything wrong, so i drove home. it would make the same noise if i turned right, even at slow speeds. pulled the diff cover this morning and felt a bunch of...
  8. North Carolina Complete d35 3.73 gears drum brakes

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    Spider gears are destroyed. You can put a lunchbox locker in it or just use it for parts. If anyone wants a spare with everthing else except top and bottom spider gears. I'm thinking $100 and you come pick it up. 28704