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dana 35 non c clipped
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  1. YJ Tech Forum
    I just bought a 89 YJ with a 350 swap. It has factory Front Dana 30 and Factory Dana 35 rear with what i think is 3.40 gearing?. it had a locker in the rear which blew everything apart. I dont know what gearing to go with and what will fit in the Dana 35. I would like to stay with a rear...
  2. YJ Tech Forum
    I recently had a guy who " knows everything about jeeps" the guy doesn't know as much as he thought, anyways I have a used locker in my yj Dana 35 with stock ratios he installe the locker which I bought off craigslist the parts were two spacers two couplers two gears to go over the axles four...
1-2 of 2 Results