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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    hey guys, Just bought a 2016 rubicon hard rock jku and it's great, but still has the stock stereo (and the old jk unit at that). I'm wanting to upgrade with a touch screen aftermarket head unit. While browsing, I see several 10.1 inch units that come already attached to the modified dash...
  2. JK Technical Discussion
    I have a 2007 jk and I’ve never had this issue until about a month ago. When I take my doors off and shut my jeep off, none of the electronics turn off. My after market radio stays on as well as my dash and my after market amp. I’ve looked through forums, talked to mechanics, and nobody can seem...
  3. YJ Technical Discussion
    I disassembled the dash of my 1995 YJ to the point where there's nothing left but wiring harnesses (i was fixing several issues that needed to be fixed), but i got pulled away from the project for a while and now i'm trying to remember where to start putting things back together (i'm kicking...
  4. JK Technical Discussion
    This issue I have of buzzing underneath the dash on both sides seems to only start when accelerating, doesnt do it when idle. Seems the buzzing is coming from the speakers under the dash. Does anyone have an idea of what this may be, a short or a ground somewhere in the electrical or the 430N...
  5. JK Technical Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2014 JK and I recently ran into the problem that I cannot control my interior lights from the stick on the driving column. I can turn on my headlights, but the rotating switch won't let me adjust brightness and my gauge lights stay at max. Beyond this, I get surges of...
  6. TJ General Discussion
    Hey y'all. I've tried searching with no luck. Here is my question: I am wanting to install an external cb speaker in my dash in place of the ash tray. Has anybody done this and if so, is there a specific speaker you recommend and what I should expect? Any help is appreciated! Thanks guys.
  7. JK Technical Discussion
    A few days ago I had left my Jeep parked out in the sun and the dashboard right infront of the drivers seat popped out a bit. I looked at it through the front and it seems to have some sort of clip. Does anyone know how to put it back in so it isn’t bulging out infront of me? Thanks. Please help
  8. TJ Technical Discussion
    2000 Jeep TJ Please help put my mind at ease. I don't know a lot about AC but I think what I'm doing is okay Background: Had a leaking heater core, wet floorboards, foggy windows, the whole deal. Spent yesterday tearing the dash down and getting the HVAC box out. While I was in there I also...
  9. JK General Discussion
    I pulled my dash well out to clean it and having trouble snapping it back in. What is the trick to do that? It just lays in there now seems should be tighter fit. Thanks
  10. YJ General Discussion
    Just bought my first Jeep and I'm absolutely in love. She need a little bit of TLC to get back to original shape and I plan on doing that. A couple of things I need help with. 1) My fuel gauge doesn't work so I never know how much gas I have. I even replaced the gauge and it stil doesn't work...
  11. JK General Discussion
    Since I've replaced my factory cigarette lighter with a push to start system, I've been itching to get my cigarette lighter adapter on the other side where the factory "parking ticket clip is" on the passenger side of dash (opposite of existing factory location of cigarette lighter) The tech...
  12. JK Technical Discussion
    Hello. So I was careless in installing my rock hard cage and accidentally drilled into the side of my dash right behind the passenger side speaker. Does anyone know what is behind it? I guess I am asking, what is behind here, but really low right behind the speaker...
  13. JK Technical Discussion
    I know others have had some power window issues in their JK's. My issue isnt the regulators (already had them replaced), no bad fuses, no broken buttons. The issue seems to be that the entire cluster is intermittent and solely dependent on the contact is has to whatever is behind it. I've...
  14. JK Technical Discussion
    Background Symptom was the brake light flashing on/off while the jeep was rolling. Solid brake light when stopped. At first, I thought this was a bad E-Brake prox switch and I kept cycling the E-Brake lever. No joy. Then I checked the front brakes and noticed there was only about 1/8" of the pad...
  15. JK Technical Discussion
    So, we recently bought the Rugged Ridge Dash Multi-Mount System with phone mount which says it's for the 11-Current JK Wrangler... My assumption is that the "vehicle-front" side of this mount is supposed to grab onto the dash vents. However, the center-two vent holes in my dash have a fillet...
  16. Communications and Electronics
    Dear JK lovers since I am new to the JK world I have been researching upgrading the sound system in the car. I actually knew before purchasing my brand new 2016 JKU sport that the stock speakers are not any good so I ordered the kicker 40CS654 speakers before I even got the car. I ordered only a...
  17. JK Pics Forum
    Anyone do any painting of their interior parts? I have a 2007, so any of that interior would be great to see. I started thinking of a few ideas, seems as though it would add some really cool customization to it.
  18. TJ General Discussion
    I put a spray on bedliner on my 98 TJ because the plastidip I had on before was an absolute disgrace. This, however, is absolutely amazing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  19. JK General Discussion
    After a lot of looking around to find a mount for my devices with no luck on what I needed , I made this :
  20. JK General Discussion
    I want to paint the dash of my 09 JKU. Can someone send me a link of a write up on how to do it. Ive been searching for hours and havent found anything. Thanks in advance for the help. :thumb:
1-20 of 68 Results