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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    I just got my Jeep back from the shop after having my diff regeared (Yukon gears). Now I'm hearing a sort of high pitched metallic rattling sounds (see attached video clip): Is this normal? Will it go away with break-in or should I take it back?
  2. JK Technical Discussion
    Hi Evey one new group but not jeeps .. can some help and some guidance 2015 jeep Wrangler Willy's jk 44000 miles ..45000.00 jeep. one cold start sitting over 3 days top end chatter .. why read alot on it . Saying just norm .. come on. ... Major complaint.Than rear differential has clutch pack ...
  3. YJ Technical Discussion
    In summary, my stock trac-loc clutches are shot, so I was going to go with a Tru-trac differential. 95 YJ, 4.10, 33’s, mainly street driven (mainly because IL sucks for any off road places). Some “light” dirt and sand planned. anyway, I received Super 35 Axles, 30 spline, for free. Does...
  4. JK General Discussion
    Hello everyone. It seems that shortly after my 60,000 mile service appointment where they were taking apart my differential, I noticed a front right axle seal leak. Dealer said it's not their fault and wants $1,220 to fix it. I told them to shove it and I plan on doing it myself. I've seen many...
  5. TJ Technical Discussion
    Need a little help. I have a 2003 jeep wrangler Sahara with a dana 44 limited-slip dif. The only spider gears I can find are for a trac-lok limited slip. Are they the same? I appreciate any help give.
  6. TJ Technical Discussion
    used in city, not off road. serious damage to the diff happened quickly. The damage 3,000 miles later to the rear u-joint and pinion yoke is massive. Major metal wear on yoke. The wear so bad it allowed the u-joint to slip out. The yoke is ruined and of course the u-joints are destroyed. I was...
  7. JK Technical Discussion
    So, I bought an ARB diff cover the other day, and am planning on installing it today. Before I went to O'Reilly's to buy gear oil, I watched a couple "how to" Youtubes. The two that I watched both recommended 75W 90 Royal Purple, so that's what I just bougt quarts of. However, when I got...
  8. JK Technical Discussion
    I only bought one ARB diff cover so far (got a great deal on one and will buy the other in a couple weeks), and I'm wondering which area I should put the diff cover first. In the front or the back? (D44's on both) The front has obvious benefits for front protection from rocks, but the back rear...
  9. TJ Technical Discussion
    I need help figuring out what went wrong or what I did wrong, because I can't afford to mess this up twice! The backstory: after 178,000 miles, lots time in salt water areas and beach sand, and several road trips from TX to NJ, my rear passenger wheel seal finally blew out. Since repair...
  10. Classifieds Archive
    Brand New in box Rear Differential Skid plate for Jeep JK Dana 44. Retails for $169 Selling $ 140 obo Absolutely nothing wrong with it.
  11. General Jeep Discussion
    I recently changed my gear ratio in the D30 and F8.8 to 4.88 in my Jeep TJ In order to track the temperature and make sure the differentials, the rear especially, don't get too hot I wanted a simple temporary temp sensor to keep an eye on it. On amazon I purchased a cheap battery powered LCD...
  12. JK Technical Discussion
    I'm thinking about changing the differential gears from 3.73 to 4.10. I have a 2016 JKUR w/ 2.5" ARB lift and 35s with the automatic. Anybody know of any issues with the change?
  13. Rancho Suspension
    Rancho® Differential covers for the JL are manufactured from high-strength nodular Iron for added axle and internal gear protection. Ribbed external construction for added strength. Off-set over-sized fill plug for increased fluid capacity and easier/quicker filling. Durable red...
  14. JK Technical Discussion
    My wife's JK, which she loves, started running hot. I noted there was a spot of radiator fluid on the garage floor the other day also. It is a 4 door JK, Unlimited in the bright blue with 48K miles. I checked the fluid level when cold and it was nearly dry. I started wondering where all the...
  15. JK Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, hoping you could shed some insight on some diff cover clearance, especially when it comes to the track bar. Ive had these G2 Diff covers sitting around for the front and rear Dana 44. Was hoping to change out the gear oil and swap these diff covers on during the process. My rubicon is...
  16. JK Technical Discussion
    Hello, I am sorry if this is not appropriate post it can be deleted but I need some help from experts. 2014 JKU during routine maintenance I had my mechanic add a Rear diff skid plate and then they filled the differential with fluid of course. About 2,000 miles later I start hearing this...
  17. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I'm a brand new Jeep owner. Just purchased a 1997 that seemed to be in great shape on Saturday. 24 hours later, it's in the shop and had to be emergency towed. My son was driving and all of the sudden a horrible grinding noise from underneath started. He pulled over and called me...
  18. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hi Guys Just visited my mechanic who is installing new ratio Rings & Pinions front and back for me to compensate for the oversize wheel/tyre package I have. He asked me to make sure that the kit I have is definately correct as there is a big difference in the diameter of the Pinion gear head...
  19. Front Differential Leaking, Seeking Help. Cant Post Thread For Some Reason

    A few photos of my front differential on a 15 JKU leaking a weird white fluid.
  20. Front Differential Leaking, Seeking Help. Cant Post Thread For Some Reason

    A few photos of my front differential on a 15 JKU leaking a weird white fluid.
1-20 of 99 Results