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  1. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello! This is one of my first posts on here, and I couldn't find this issue using the search... I have a 2010 JKU and it came with an awning. I cannot for the life of me get this thing to stay up. The poles use a really cheap plastic part to "twist and lock" however it is FLIMSY. I am looking...
  2. JK Tech Forum
    Hey guys, New to the forum. Had a 2010 2 dr Islander, loved it, got totalled. Now I bought another 2010 4dr islander in January this year and have had some issues with electrical since I got it. The left headlight, and the interior overhead light flicker. The overhead light flickers the...
  3. TJ General Discussion Forum
    There are a few threads dealing with building/buying roof racks for our Jeeps, but I could not find one dealing with my specific idea. I own a Barricade roof rack, but the thing is like 200+ lbf and adds a considerable amount of height and drag area to the Jeep. This results in a lot of noise...
  4. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Finally had time to swap out my front rusted out fender! Only had hand tools so it took 8 hours, but was so worth it. Off to do the driver side today, hopefully every thing goes smoothly. Anyone else doing some DIY to their Jeeps during al these stay at home orders?
  5. General Jeep Discussion
    Went off Hiker J's video but changed it up a bit. No drill and completely removable.
  6. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys! I'm planning to use this quarantine time to get a couple of projects done. I have a 2 Door JK with the rear seats removed. I want to build something to completely cover the cargo area for when the top is off, but also have some storage compartments. I already have a couple...
  7. TJ Build Forum
    Years ago I pulled the nearly useless rear seat from my TJ. My TJ rear bed is very utilitarian but I have always wanted something better and more secure. A week ago I set out to build a fully enclosed trunk that blended in well, used all available space, would support my weight and is very...
  8. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Ok so I'm posting this idea i came up with recently after making the mistake of buying aftermarket flares from a bad source (can explain if curious), but basically I want to put my stock flares back on my jeep but modify them in a way i have not seen anyone do yet and just trying to see what the...
  9. TJ Tech Forum
    First post bear with me. So I've got an '01 TJ 4.0 Sport with a NV3550 and Dana 44. I seem to have lost fifth and reverse - I can put the shifter in position, but it feels like neutral and nothing is there. No grinding, no noises whatsoever. My thought is that either the shift fork is busted...
  10. JK General Discussion Forum
    Trying to build a floating shelf/instatrunk to put behind the backseat in my two door. Does anyone know how I could recreate the photo with items from Home Depot? I want to create a bracket coming off the roll bar and then lay a piece of plywood across.
  11. JK General Discussion Forum
    I wanted to share a few things that I built for my jeep. First is a removable no drilling tailgate shelf. I didn't want to drill into my brand new jeep and didn't want to buy something expensive so I built this shelf. It uses super strong magnets to hang off the back of the tailgate. A rubber...
  12. JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Hi everyone! I am looking to have a big storage space that is lockable for my jeep. Whenever I go out without my doors and rooftop, I need a space to dispose my luggages safely! Anyone here has ever heard of a DIY or a specific product on the market for this?
  13. TJ General Discussion Forum
    My rear window vinyl cracked in cold weather last winter, and I've had it held together with Tenacious Tape since then, but I'm looking into a more permanent fix before going into another winter. Looks like it might be possible to get some tinted 30-40 gauge marine vinyl, marine thread, bias...
  14. JK Tech Forum
    So I had a constant issue with one of my headlights where the light wouldn't go on unless the plug that connects the headlight to the jeep was in a certain position. Naturally, I had to constantly open the hood and move the plug and sometimes that would be at night where there is not much light...
  15. TJ Build Forum
    Year: 2003 Submodel: Freedom (X) Engine: 4.0 AirAid Air Intake BBK 62mm Throttle Body AirAid Throttle Body Spacer Banks Monster Exhaust Cat-Back Banks Torque Tube Headers Transmission: 42RLE Transfer Case: 231J+SYE Front/Rear Diffs: 30/35+LSD Suspension: 4" Skyjacker + Terraflex Adjustable...
  16. General Jeep Discussion
    So I have had this idea for a while and wanted to get some more opinions on it. Essentially my idea is to use a set of rear half doors, some sheet, metal and a custom made softop to make my own version of the DV8 truck conversion kit. I decided that the bestop element doors with the steel...
  17. JK Build Forum
    Thought I'd start a build thread here for Butters. I've had him for a while, so I'm just going to hit the highlights and go from there. Here's Butters when he was new to me: Started slow with some body mounted rocker guards: Then added a third seat belt to the back:
  18. JK General Discussion Forum
    Trying to build this storage dolly this weekend. I found this photo but trying to figure out dimensions. Anyone built something similar?
  19. General Jeep Discussion
    I met this guy at Jeep Beach 2017 and he came up with this kickass roof rack. You can find it at It is super versatile and DIY friendly. It has a bunch of rods that can be stored in slots in the rack so its out of the way. This rack does pretty much everything including storing your hardtop...
1-19 of 70 Results