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  1. Realigning door hinge

    JK Tech Forum
    Hammered out the door pin on my 2014 JKU and hit a little too hard. Now my bottom door hinge is misaligned (pic below) and I am debating if I should remove and reinstall the hinge entirely, or try to hammer it back into place. I already have a #50 torx and silicone but can’t decide which route...
  2. door bolts not flush

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Took off doors and put them back on. Now that door bolts aren’t flush. Is this normal? They’re tight but there is a few millimeter gap between them and the hinge. What did I do wrong?
  3. Front & Rear Doors 2011-up vs Older: Differences?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm wondering if anyone has any clear info on what exactly are the differences between JKU front and rear doors from before the interiors changed in 2011 and newer vs. the 2007 - 2010 versions. Obviously the interior door panels are different. I believe the connectors for the wiring...
  4. 2014 JK Sport - Power Locks Went From Wonky to INOP

    JK Tech Forum
    Hey all. My 2014 JK Sport had a wonky passenger door lock for a couple of weeks. I figured the wires were loose because I am constantly removing my doors. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the passenger door, when I hit the door lock on the driver door or hit the remote button would move...
  5. Installing OEM tailgate lock actuator with Viper 211HV keyless entry

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I ultimately want to install remote keyless entry on all my doors + tailgate but I have decided to start small and go with keyless entry for just my tailgate for now given that is the biggest pain of all for manual locks in my 2014 jk wrangler unlimited. I will do something similar (or...
  6. Door harness part numbers?

    JK Tech Forum
    Hello, I have a 2017 4D JK and my wife disconnected the passenger doors harness to take the doors off and pulled one of the wires out. Now I want to say this is a all manual door (Roll up Windows, Mirrors & No Door locks) so I'm guessing it would have less wires than a power door. I'm thinking...
  7. Window Won't Roll Down Diagnosis

    JK Tech Forum
    I have a 4 door 2007 JK My Right Rear window will not roll down. What I've tried: -I swapped doors with the left rear to test if it was a car side electrical issue, and not getting signal to the window.The window switch operates the left rear door window fine. -I then assumed it was the...
  8. Wrangler Doors

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Need some forum help mainly because I've run out of ideas and need some pointers. I am looking for a summer door, preferably in two parts (to make it easy to store in the backseat/trunk), that is waterproof (or relatively so) that i can leave on. Idea here is that i can quickly and easily take...
  9. Stack Rack And Roll Door Storage System How To

    Frame & Body (Body Repair, Paint, Rocker Guards)
    A video on how to use the Stack Rack and Roll door hanging system. Can be mounted to a wall or engine stand. I want to mount this to the flatbed next and secure the doors with locks and cable as a solution for keeping the doors a bit more secure if we decide to take doors off on a long ride.
  10. Michigan JK Full Doors - Black Bedliner with Arc Off Road Hangers

    Classifieds Archive
    Full Front doors $750 Came off my 2-dr JK, but I believe they are also the same as the front doors on a JKU. My JK came with factory half doors so I bought this set locally. Originally silver in color, but I broke them both down completely, removed the hardware, seals, & glass, scuffed the...
  11. Alarm System Problem

    JK Tech Forum
    I drive a 2007 JK unlimited x and every time I manually unlock my door the alarm system goes off until I start the vehicle. I have two keys, one being the factory programmed key and the other being an after market key. Sometimes if I lock the doors and get out and instantly manually unlock the...
  12. 02 TJ Dome Lights stay on after pulling door arrest fuse

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello, I am having a problem where I pulled fuse #4 (door arrest) and my foot well lights and dome lights stay on. I think that it could be a short between the leads going into the fuse panel. Does anyone have any knowledge of this kind of problem and or have a picture of the back of the fuse...
  13. JK Hinge Guards 3D Printed

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello! Here is a file for 3D printed door hinge guards. They are made to be cheap and quick to print. Just wanted to share them for those who live on gravel roads. Also anyone in Minnesota near the cities who wants a set, please let me know. I would appreciate seeing how they hold up on vehicles...
  14. Stuck door lock

    TJ Tech Forum
    I know this is a long shot, but here goes. I changed my external door handle yesterday as it had a lot of play and sometimes it would slip and would not return to the original position. So I couldn't open the door from the outside. Now I have a new issue, sometimes my door lock gets stuck...
  15. Need help with Rotopax rear-mount L-bracket

    JK Tech Forum
    I just got a Rotopax Jeep Wrangler L-mount bracket that attaches to the rear gate hinges. But when I remove the bolts from the hinge plate, the back metal bracket inside the door falls down about 1/2 of an inch so that when I attempt to mount the new Rotopax hinge cover plate on, I can’t line...
  16. Unable to open driver door

    TJ Tech Forum
    I am unable to open the driver door from the outside or inside on my 98 TJ. I have removed the door panel and I am able to access the latch from the inside. Every thing seem to be operating except the hook on the latch. Anyone have any suggestions on how the get the door open? My last resort is...
  17. Jl door weight

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Does anyone know the weight compared to the Jk door weight? I think Jk was around 60lb? Jl feels lighter when opening and closing while on the hinge. I want to know if anyone knowns the actual weight. Thanks
  18. Looking for some (door/top) help!

    YJ Tech Forum
    Hey guys (and girls). My name is Kyle and I have a question for all you body modifiers out there. I got a very clean and low miles YJ back in the summer of 16, and i absolutely love her. I have upgraded a few things, but the one i went premature on was the hard top, and soft doors. I got a...
  19. Drivers Side Door Alignment

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hi All, I have searched YouTube and the forums, but haven't found a solid recommendation to fix my driver's side door alignment issue. The bottom right corner does not close flush against the body. If I push on it to try to make it flush, it does not move in at all. I see recommendation to...
  20. ASAP Inside handle latch assembly on a 04 Wrangler X replacement?

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hey y'all. I have a 04 Wrangler X with half doors and since February the side latch on my drivers side doesn't work so I've been unzipping my windows and pulling the outside latch to get out. Not that big of a deal but with it getting cold I decided it was time to fix it. Went to the...