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  1. Busted Transfer Case

    WF New Member Check In
    Hey all, so, I've got a dilemma; I have a 1995 Wrangler (I6, manual 3 inch shackle lift and 3 inch body lift) Recently I went over a deer and it busted my transfer case open and destroyed my rear drive shaft. My transfer case, I believe is a 241J, but I cannot for the life of me find one that...
  2. Need For Driveshaft Upgrade with Lift?

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    I currently have a budget 2.5" inch spacer lift but am looking to move up to a full 3.5-4" suspension lift. I have heard many different things about having to replace and upgrade the stock driveshaft with larger lifts. I do hit trails but usually nothing with extreme articulation or flexing...
  3. JK Caster and Pinion angles, save for driveshaft?

    JK Tech Forum
    I have a 2015 JKUR with the Mopar Stage 3 lift kit and have been trying to improve my steering. After installing new ball joints, tie rod and drag link I got an alignment and found my caster was only 3.2 degrees. My lift kit doesn't have adjustable control arms, so I was considering replacing my...
  4. California Wheels/Tires, exhaust, rear axles, driveshaft, suspension

    JK Parts
    All items are used by me only, sold out of Sunnyvale CA. Shipping at buyer's expense. All parts were for / from my 2017 JK Unlimited Sport. 1. 5x Stock Wheels, TPSM, AT P255/75R17 Tires. 12k miles on them. $500 OBO 2. Rear Driveshaft. 10k miles used. $150 3. Stock muffler & resonator + tube...
  5. Help me spend my birthday money!

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello everyone, My birthday is coming up, so I am allowed about an $800 budget for Crawlers, the black JKUR. So last year I got Crawlers lifted with a Metalcloak 2.5" True Dual Sport, Fox Edition, lift. The problem is, I have not added any armor yet and am getting around 4" of lift. I don't...
  6. New front driveshaft w/ Tera44 housing

    JK Tech Forum
    Good morning, all. I realize I'm going about this in a less-than-ideal way, but I'm up against a time crunch. I'm currently building a 2016 JK (in signature) and will be installing a Metalcloak 3.5" gamechanger lift as well as a new Teraflex Tera44 front axle housing. I'll need a new...
  7. California JK 4d REED rear Driveshaft like new with yoke

    Classifieds Archive
    Jeep JK Unlimited 4dr with a DANA 44 Axle Rear REEL drive shaft with a 1310 Rear Yoke. Used about 500 miles before I went to Dana 60's Dimensions are from Yoke Flange to center of Bearing 44-3/8" compressed & 47-1/4" extended like new $375.00 Located in Yorba Linda Bill 714-709-1900
  8. Am I in the market for a new front driveshaft?

    TJ Tech Forum
    Backstory...skip to 4th paragraph for the actual issue: I've got an 04 Wrangler. A few years ago a ujoint broke in my front driveshaft. Being strapped for time, I just pulled the shaft and took it to a shop for them to replace them all. I dont remember for sure, but I dont think they...
  9. Yukon Jeep JK Driveshafts - Free shipping and Christmas special

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    Jeep JK Yukon Driveshafts - Free Shipping and $75 off! Till Christmas, Get the highest quality and direct fitment Yukon Driveshafts with Free Shipping and use coupon code 'Christmas' for an Additional $75 off! Go here to see these quality driveshafts: Jeep JK Driveshafts
  10. California FS - Axles, Brake Parts, driveshaft

    Classifieds Archive
    OEM Parts - Everything came from 2012 Unl. Rubicon: Front brake line kit for Jeep Big Brake kit Part # P516005AC $ 15 Left Front Brake Caliper Mopar # 68003707AC $ 25 Right Front Brake Caliper Mopar # 68003697AC $ 25 Left Front Brake Caliper Bracket Mopar # 68003699AA $ 15 Right...
  11. Driveshaft Option Help

    JK Tech Forum
    I need advice on a rear drivshaft for my 2007 2dr. I blew my rear cv joint and have a few options and wanted opinions. I can either get the Crown automotive rebuild kit x2 for a total of $220 I could pic up a used driveshaft with decent cv joints for $50 Or I could invest in an upgraded drive...
  12. Adams driveshaft throwing grease

    JK Tech Forum
    I have a new (~3 month) Adams driveshaft that is throwing a lot grease out somewhere in the front. I think it is the female part of the sleeve, or the u-joint. Has anyone had this happen? No hits off-road or anything.
  13. Florida Great stuff for sale

    Classifieds Archive
    Hi all, I have a front driveshaft off a new wrangler for sale. It has less than 100 miles on it. $125 I also have 3 different steering stabilizers, all less than one month old fox 2.0 $125 rancho $ 35 teraflex $ 35(does not include bracket shown in pic) synergy steering stabilizer tie rod...
  14. Adams Driveshaft Question?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I recently installed a 3.5" Metalcloak lift on my '08 JKU. Although the lift didn't put my front driveshaft at as extreme of an angle as I thought it would be, I still think replacing my front DS is a good idea. Im looking at getting an Adams driveshaft because of the good reviews and warranty...
  15. Questions about Custom Adams Driveshafts

    JK Tech Forum
    About 2 months ago I installed a 3.5" Metalcloak lift on my '08 JKU. Although the lift didn't put my front driveshaft at as steep of an angle as I thought it would be, I still think replacing my front DS is a good idea. Im looking at getting an Adams driveshaft because of the good reviews and...
  16. Driveshaft questions

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hi guys, I have a homemade tcase drop I made, it's about 1.5 in drop. I'm wanting to buy an SYE and tom woods driveshaft. Before I call them to order should I raise the tcase back to normal height and measure, or will measuring it now be incorrect? Also, can anyone tell me the best way to nit...
  17. LJ rear driveshaft issue

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hey guys. Last night I was driving home from Thanksgiving and at the very end of the (2.5 hour) trip i started to notice a "clanking" sound coming from beneath the floorboards and strong vibration during deceleration. After limping it home I was able to get a look underneath this morning and I...
  18. Clunk heard and felt directly under driver seat

    TJ Tech Forum
    2003 TJ 4.0L... 45k miles...3inch lift, recently replaced trackbar with adjustable and centered axle, JKS quicker discos recently installed too. no issues with those. any way.. When turning into parking lots that have a steep or big UP and DOWN entrance, making my jeep axles flex, i hear ONE...
  19. Florida Jeep parts for sale

    Classifieds Archive
    I have a few things off my 2015 jku sport. All prices are based on local pickup. If you want shipped, then let me know zip and i will price it out. -oem headlights $40 -white tail gate hinges- $30 -stock springs and shocks - $10 each -oem black fender flares - $100 -stock front driveshaft - it...
  20. Rattling Issue

    TJ Tech Forum
    So I have a 97 tj. It has no lift and is on 33's. (No they don't rub and no I don't have spacers but thanks for the concern). I have skyjacker suspension. The issue I am having is when I have someone in the back that weighs a lot, or if I have 2 people in the back seat. Today in particular I had...