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  1. Newb Needs Help Diagnosing Potentially Blown Head Gasket

    TJ Tech Forum
    For the last few weeks, I've had issues with my jeep that are concerning me for a blown head gasket: 2004 LJ 4.0L I6, remanufactured engine due to my old one seizing up a handful of years ago. Overheating into the RED when stopped or at low speeds. Getting up to speed on the highway or 40...
  2. I need help! Check engine light on with multiple OBD-II codes

    TJ Tech Forum
    So I just bought a 2003 Jeep Wrangler TJ SE 2.4L 4-cylinder and after a couple days of driving, I noticed the check engine light came on. There are multiple codes that come up during testing, which include 0340, 0123, 0320, 0352, and 1391. It runs fine for the most part. The check engine light...
  3. JK 3.8 to 5.7 hemi swap

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I've got a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with the 3.8 auto combo with 173k miles. I truly haven't had any issues and would go as far to say between me and my buddies' jeeps it's a reliable powertrain if you run 10w30-10w40 oil in it and change fluids often like I do. I would like for a fun...
  4. Oil leaks

    YJ Tech Forum
    Noticed this after going for a short drive. What am I looking at here? engine oil/transfer case leak? how serious is this and how easy/difficult is it to fix? I marked the spots where I can see the oil dripping from.
  5. PA- WTB 95 YJ 2.5L Engine

    PA: WTB 95 YJ 2.5L Engine Engine in my 95 2.5L started knocking, looking for a direct swap engine.
  6. Oil is mixing with coolant! Radiator is gummed up as well as heater core

    TJ Tech Forum
    Man do I have a mess. I bought this 1998 TJ with a 2.5L in it. It ran good for about 6 months. When I bough it the oil pressure when at a stop would drop to close to zero. I changed the oil and put Rosella in it and it held for about 200 miles then started doing it again. The heat also went...
  7. 3.6L Pentastar Engine from other Dodge Vehicles

    JK Tech Forum
    I am trying to figure out what other engines will fit in a 2013 JK. Will an engine from a Dodge Charger, Challenger, Caravan, Durango, etc. fit. They are all 3.6L Pentastar but are they interchangeable. Is there a cross reference that will have that information. Thank you to everyone for the...
  8. 1995. Euro YJ complete teardown and rebuild

    YJ Build Forum
    Greetings from a small mediterranean country - Montenegro. I have 1995. Wrangler with 4.0 engine and 32rh auto transmission. I have it since 2012. After going thru hassle with all sorts of issues, shops etc. I have finally decided to do a complete rebuild on my own. Jeep was not a rust bucket...
  9. 3.8L v 3.6L V6

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I am in the market for a new to me Jeep. I have roughly $12,500 cash to put down on this new Jeep. The reason I have the cash is because my current car is paid off. Being that I don't have a car payment now one of my deciding factors with getting a Jeep is whether or not to have a car...
  10. HELP: How to clean engine bay

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone! I've been digging through posts/threads, but still not finding solid "how-to's" on cleaning my Jeep's engine bay. I think I'm good on products to use, but as far as what exactly needs to be covered (aside from air intake), how much water is really okay to hit the engine with (that...
  11. Recommendations while doing engine swap?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2009 2 door JK with 128K miles. Going to be swapping out the 3.8L engine for a re-manufactured one (due to rods and lifters) and was just wondering besides the typical gaskets, are there any other parts I should consider maybe swapping at the same time. (During the two years I have had...
  12. 3.8 Magnuson Supercharger?

    JK Tech Forum
    For my budget any swap is out of the picture. However I noticed that the magnuson blower is only 4k, makes more than the sprintex, and is roots so all the power is lower than the RIPP centrifugal. My 3.8 needs a rebuild soon anyway and paired with the RIPP headers I see it making upwards of 240...
  13. Temperature sensor on 2009 JK 3.8L

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm new to this... Has anyone installed this Temperature sensor module? Do I really need it? (I live in a warm country) Appreciate your insights.
  14. How to align clutch with transmission

    TJ Tech Forum
    I have removed my jeep TJ 4.0 engine and in the process of replacing it. I am having a hell of a time getting my engine clutch to align with the transmission splines (5 hours and counting) PITA! I have pulled, re pulled and reinstalled the engine multiple times with a hoist, each time turning...
  15. Found a Replacement Engine, But Will it Fit??

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone, I've been using this forum to get me out of trouble with my TJ for quite a while, but this is my first post. I've scoured the web trying to get a definitive answer on this, but have so far just confused myself. I hope you guys can help. I recently had a bolt shear off my piston...
  16. 2000 Sahara Engine / Transmission Swap

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hey I am new to the whole forum thing and to be honest I usually avoid them like the plague but I have come to a crossroads and don't have anywhere else to turn. That being said I apologize ahead of time if I lose anyone in all this. I am wanting to learn more about engines, transmissions and...
  17. Engine replacement options

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello from New Zealand (-: Sadly I dove my 2008 JK though one too many rivers and managed to suck water in to the engine. There was a loud clunk noise and it stopped dead. It has been at the Jeep dealer and they have evaluated it and the insurance company has decided to write it off (I think...
  18. 2004 Wrangler 4.0 I6 Died on Interstate

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hey guys, I need a little help. Last week I was driving my 04 TJ down the interstate and it just died and left me on the side of the road. I can't get it to start back up. It has 154k miles and is a 5 speed manual. At first, it wasn't throwing any CEL codes, so I assumed it was the fuel...
  19. Cannot Start Intermittently without Shifting into Gear

    JK Tech Forum
    I have a 2008 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. Intermittently I am unable to start the engine when I turn the key. If I turn the key so I can put the Jeep into "Drive" and then back into "Park", I am then able to start the engine. It is not a big deal since I know how to get around it, but it is...
  20. '09 JK Slow/sluggish acceleration, not upshifting properly

    JK Tech Forum
    Hi all, over the last few weeks I've noticed a dramatic drop in my auto JK's responsiveness and power at times. It's not happening consistently, but often now (maybe 50% of time on the same routes) it has a really slow RPM build-up on even minor inclines, with low torque at <2,000rpm, plus on...