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  1. 87 10% ethanol or 87 no ethanol

    JK Tech Forum
    I am just wondering should I buy 87 10% ethanol or 87 no ethanol the price difference is 34c per gallon and why should I buy one over the other. Also do you guys have the bully dog tuner for 91 or 93 octane.
  2. Gasoline

    JK General Discussion Forum
    What gasoline do you use in your jeep and why ?
  3. ethanol E10 E15

    JK Tech Forum
    does anyone use e15 in their wrangler and if so what is the mileage hit and is there a big hit on mileage with e10. E15 is 5c cheaper than e10 where I live is it worth burning e10 e15 or should I stick with regular gas no ethanol 87 octane for about 34 cents more per gallon. THANK YOU Mike
  4. gasoline, tuners, and ethanol

    JK General Discussion Forum
    do you guys use 87 octane or 89 octane and what about that good old DEATHANOL (ETHANOL) salesman told me to use 89 octane is he right or wrong ? It is only 15 cents more per gallon is it worth it ? Also is the tuner chips for 91,93 octane worth the shit ton of money they want for them thanks Mike
  5. 87 no ethanol vs 87 10% ethanol

    JK General Discussion Forum
    What kind of gas do you guys use and what is the effects of the ethanol on your jeeps that you have seen been curious ever since I got my 16 jk just wondering it seems like I get slightly better mileage with no ethanol thanks mike
  6. The effects of ethanol gas on a Jeep

    YJ General Discussion Forum
    I recently bought a 1995 Jeep wrangler (YJ) and I live in Missouri. For some reason in the state of Missouri our politicians feel that all gasoline sold within the state should contain 10 percent ethanol. I bought this Jeep in Kansas where they sell REAL gas and now after several tanks of 10...
  7. E85 Ethanol Conversion Kit for Jeep TJ - Texas $150

    Classifieds Archive
    I've got a semi-used (used for only a few months) E85 ethanol conversion kit for 6-cylinder Jeep TJ or XJ from that I'm selling. For those unfamiliar with the use of E85, it's generally about 15-20% less expensive than regular fuel and is cleaner burning than gasoline. E85 is a...