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  1. Saoirse/bort/hanz Camp

    Pup and camping setup at Lake Powell
  2. Overland & Expedition Discussion
    Noticed another forum member's question about "What is a basic gear items list one should keep in the jeep?" With the help of @Hilldweller, myself and others I've created a list of possible items for all those interested as their check list. Copy, Paste this check list and save for future...
  3. Off Road Trailer Start

    Off Road Trailer, expedition
  4. Off Road Trailer Design

    Off Road Trailer, expedition
  5. TJ Build Forum
    So I guess I'll go ahead and make a build thread for my Jeep. Seems like a good way to document and share my Jeeps progress. For starters, my Jeep's name is Bray-El, which is kind of a play off of my great grandfathers name who was Native American. It's a 2005 TJ Sport with a 4.0L 6cly. I...
  6. JK General Discussion
    Hello everyone - I have been doing a TON of research on a pull-behind, expedition style jeep trailer. I finally narrowed down the final list to two: Manley ORV and Bivouac Camping Trailers. I will be paying for the Bivouac tomorrow. Here is my research and reasoning, hopefully to help...
  7. JK General Discussion
    Hello, my name Afranio, I am Brazilian and I need your help. I will participate in an expedition in AMAZONIA (Transamazonica Challenge) in March 2013. The organization asks that everyone take some spare parts for their cars. The problem is I do not know what are the Wrangler parts that are more...
  8. Classifieds Archive
    I have a brand-new, never used custom drawer set hand-built by TemboTusk ( up for sale. I originally had these built for my diesel Grand Cherokee project but they are slightly long in length and I never got around to shipping them back to be resized. If you're looking for the...
  9. On The Trail
    So I will finally do my dream trip. My son and me will endure this expedition across the three americas next year. We will departure from Miami in June 2011 and this post is to show you guys our route and details and to make an open invitation to everyone willing to be part of it in some way...
  10. On The Trail
    Here's the rest of the list: 8- Winch mount: OK... If it is to change the whole front bumper, the options are in the hundreds. One of my main concern is to keep the overall weight as low as possible. A full metal front bumper is around 110 lb, I believe its much heavier then the original. I...
  11. On The Trail
    I am planning a trip across the three americas next year with my son, just bough the car for it and although I'm not new to car travel, this is my first Jeep and the longest of all trips. There are many items with brand and model options that I don't know which one is better. So any input from...
1-14 of 18 Results