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  1. JK General Discussion
    Good evening fellow Jeepers, i hope you can help me out. I have upgraded all the front lights on my '11 JK, to led's. The only thing i can't seem to find are the thin, 5/8" x 9" white light strips that go in the front of the fender flares. Mine are currently amber and this won't do. I have seen...
  2. JL Technical Discussion
    Hey all. Recently had an accident that ripped off my front right fender flare and bent all brackets (almost all pushed back toward rear of the car, and some movement down toward the ground as well). Wanted to see if you guys had any guidance or experience before I just get in there and try to...
  3. JK General Discussion
    I have a 2017 JKU Big Bear edition and am wanting to make some cosmetic changes. I would like to install a set of aftermarket inner fenders. I’d like to find a set that have black bears in them. I’ve searched a bit but have had no luck in finding inner fenders with bears. Anyone know of a...
  4. General Jeep Discussion
    Is it a viable option to cut out or cut off the second panel underneath the front fenders that catches dirt and water? I believe the panel is in place to stop the flat fender from "oil canning" (popping up and down like a sealer jar lid). Will the fender be too weak without this panel? Should...
  5. JK General Discussion
    I have a stock 2 door jk on sahara wheels that measure about 32 in diameter. I want to get 33s-35s and give it slight more height. Will a 1 1/4 body lift be a good option? What are my other options that don't include a suspension lift? Open to any ideas besides messing with suspension.
  6. Classifieds Archive
    In search of a right fender for my TJ. Any color, just without dents. If you have one or know of places that might please let me know. Thanks, Mark
  7. JK General Discussion
    I'm the 4th owner of my 08 Silver jk Sahara, and when I drove it off the used lot the flares matched the paint. Not long after we clay bar and waxed it and the paint on the fender flares only started chipping really bad. I was wondering how long the paint would last if either I sand blasted the...
  8. Classifieds Archive
    Hey guys, I am selling my TJ fenders, as I just replaced mine with Metalcloak ones. It's the entire fender assembly. They're off a 2002 and are the color Amber Fire Pearl (PV3). The condition is fair, the drivers side has some rust bubbling in the usual spot. Asking $300, can ship but would...
  9. JK General Discussion
    Has anyone tried these painted fender flares from Ebay? Link I'm looking to install painted fenders on my jeep but its Rhino colored and can't find a set anywhere... Thanks in advance.
  10. TJ General Discussion
    Any one have experience Bedlining Front TJ Fenders?? Pros and Cons? Thinking of doing it but if its a waste of time I won't.
  11. JK Build Forum
    Couple questions I thought I'd get some of your feedback... 1) I'm thinking of going with Poison Spyder side armor in aluminum with the steel rocker knockers... My mechanic is concerned about rust issues with 2 different metals..??? They will both need to be powder coated so now I think I'm...
  12. JK Technical Discussion
    My wife has a JK sport with the regular textured black fender flares. They were getting pretty faded and I accidentally got some wax on them so they were really starting to look like crap. I painted one with some rustoleum bedliner and it actually turned out pretty good, but she really liked the...
  13. Classifieds Archive
    Asking for $250 for a set of 4. Even equipped with clear side markers not ugly amber. :thumb: Clinton MD
  14. Australia Jeep Forum
    So I saw a blacked-out Wrangler with widened fender flares and big, fat off-road tyres and was like :awesome: I currently drive a boring sedan and am seriously considering making the switch so I can have some serious fun :D If I were to buy a stock Wrangler Sport, what would I need to do to...
  15. TJ General Discussion
    Hi guys, I just bought a 98' Jeep Wrangler. The fenders have holes rusted through them. I haven't found any cheap fenders to replace the old ones. Anyways can I DIY build my own for cheap or is there something on the market for around $200 that looks good? Or am I better off looking for fenders...
  16. JK General Discussion
    Hey I'm new to this forum and wanted to reach out for some help. Recently just upgraded to 17 inch ATX wheel and a 33/12.5/17 General grabber X3 tire. I live in Massachusetts and we have fender laws here for inspection. The wheel as far as i know has a 0 offset causing the tire to poke out about...
  17. Classifieds Archive
    Is anyone interested in trading their NARROW MCE fenders for my full width MCE fenders?
  18. TJ General Discussion
    Can someone tell me what brand flares these are??? I see a guy driving around my town with them and I have been searching the internet like crazy to find them, but I haven't found anything close! Help!
1-18 of 86 Results