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flat tow

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  1. JL General Discussion
    Setting up to flat tow new JL behind RV. I have successfully mounted Maximus-3 tow loops and will install RVI brake system and CoolTechLLC wiring harness. I need advice on best location(s) others have used to mount/secure the 6-pin receiver on or near front bumper. I have stock bumper (plastic...
  2. JL General Discussion
    This is our first Jeep and we need it as a flat tow vehicle for RV trips. Because it's our first I make certain I follow the manual very carefully (even doing the extra steps to verify the vehicle will not move when transfer case is in neutral). When I have the transfer case in neutral and I...
  3. JK General Discussion
    I purchased the blue ox adventurer tow bar thinking it'd work for my aftermarket bumper. I got it in the mail and went to test fit it and it works, mostly. I have yet to actually tow my jeep because I don't know if the way its riding is safe. What do y'all think and what can I do to make it safer.
  4. JK Technical Discussion
    Does anybody have a flat tow bar they would recommend for towing behind my truck?
  5. JK General Discussion
    Toad Bumpers / Towing Bumpers options available I've been Searching but not finding the exact info I'm looking for. Looking for who makes front bumpers that are either tow ready, factory weldable or the like. I DO NOT want to add an extra base plate to the bumper. As I understand LOD...
  6. JK General Discussion
    Anyone looking to Flat Tow their JK/JKU should take a look at our MAXIMUS-3 Tow Loops. * Rated for 10,000 pound flat-tow * Fits all stock bumpers and most aftermarket bumpers * Versatile design to allow for different tow bars * Made of ½” thick steel – flat laser cut and welded * Added...
  7. JK Technical Discussion
    Hey all, I just picked up an 08 Wrangler Rubi with a flat tow bar and wiring harness on it. how hard would it be to convert that wiring for extra lights? I have been home about 2 hours with it and it's a little too dark to even look at it right now so I'm just seeing what ya'll think! P.S. IT...
  8. JK General Discussion
    So I realize these vehicles are made to be driven down the road at 70mph+ but when they are flat towed behind an RV, it changes the wind buffeting on the vehicle. Has anyone had a problem with damage or extra wear on their soft top from towing behind a class C or class A RV? I'm planning a 5k...
  9. JK Technical Discussion
    Is there documentation that supports not turning key on or disconnecting battery terminal when flat towing? The steering wheel does not lock with key out of ignition. I've been told these two things were holdovers from previous models. It makes sense, but is there documentation? Steve
1-9 of 9 Results