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  1. Floor Mats for JLU

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    So I love my new Jeep however I do not love the lack of floor mat options for the JLs. I saw one on Quadratec but it was the only option. My question, do the JK All weather mats fit the JLU? I am a first time Jeep owner so curious if anyone has tried moving over their JK mud mats.
  2. Floor Mat / Carpets

    JK General Discussion Forum
    All the threads I'm seeing people put the aftermarket floor mats on top of the carpet... My carpet on the driver's side tends to come loose around the tranny bump and is just pretty annoying. I was wondering if anyone just removes that carpet and lays down the floor mat for traction directly...
  3. 2014 2 door floormats

    General Jeep Discussion
    Just got my 2014 JKR and looking to install some all weather floor mats. Anybody have an opinion on which are a good option. Are there even floormats out right now that fit the 2014s? I know there is a difference in the floormat hooks this year. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Arkansas JK Black Floormats

    Classifieds Archive
    I have a set of factory Black Jeep "Tire Tread" floormats for a JK. Fronts and one piece for rear seat. Bought these by accident for my TJ. Like new, $60 shipped. PM me for fastest response. Thanks