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  1. Finishing up the Overlander

    Converting a 2015 Sahara to an Overlander. Bought the jeep with upgrades incorporated but have been making changes and adding better mods over the last 6 months now. Integrated 4 camera system. Water reservoir on 5op with water pump for showering. 5 amp solar charger. Dual battery Genesis...
  2. JK General Discussion
    Genesis Dual Battery Kit. ...WOOT! I should be ready for the install this upcoming weekend. I bought a small air saw and Cutoff tool last week. I'm picking up pair of Optima D34s tonight. (available locally/easy warranty access) Kit should come tomorrow. (thanks Rubitrux) I'm kind of excited...
  3. JK Pics Forum
    Let's see em. Have a sPOD, accessories, and Genesis dual battery? Let's see your setup. Did you connect the sPOD to the main bus bar terminal or the smaller terminals? Have Rigid Industries Dual LED's, a Lightbar, ect. Let's see your wiring skills.
1-3 of 3 Results