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  1. Rancho Suspension
    TL/DR This is for the FRONT Dana 44 WITHOUT the drain plug, so mid-late 2021 and forward. Check with your favorite retailer on cost. Designed to protect your differential casting from direct contact in severe off-road conditions, the Rancho® rockGEAR® front differential glide plate mounts to...
  2. JK General Discussion
    I have had my jeep about a year now and have not done any serious off roading yet. A few days after getting my 08 jkur I did manage to sink it up to the bumper in mud at a local off road park (ooops) (Thank God another jeep with a winch bailed me out). My jeep now wears a warn vr8000, ace rock...
  3. Rancho Suspension
    Check out this video on our heavy duty differential cover and our glide plate! Enjoy!
  4. Rancho Suspension
    Couple months ago I purchased a Rancho Front Differential Glide Plate Skid for A Dana 44. After a normal off road excursion this past weekend, the Glide plate did not perform as intended. I came down onto a rock & the corner got bent inward, shearing off one differential bolt, and pushing the...
1-4 of 4 Results