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  1. YJ General Discussion Forum
    Have an extended wrangler and need a top solution. Is there anywhere to get custom made soft tops with different dimensions than stock? Extending a hard top seems much more difficult than finding somewhere to make a soft top to fit. Thanks in advance.
  2. CJ Tech Forum
    Hello, do you guys think a 5x8 uhaul Trailer would work for taking my hardtop home. Or if not what size should I get??
  3. Classifieds Archive
    Great condition JK 4-Door Hard Top from 2012 MW3 Jeep. Not that it makes it anything special other than a black hard top, but it certainly sounds cool. Top and seals are in excellent condition. Also includes black headliner kit, quick release hardtop bolts, and unused freedom panel bag. Show...
  4. JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Hi everyone. I'm back... Poor Rubi met an untimely demise, by a kid on a phone who never hit the brakes running a light. Enter my new baby '21 Snazzberry unlimited Sahara. So here's my situation. As a result of Rubi's demise I'm left with a bit of a handicap. I get some help at home to pop the...
  5. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey, I am interested in getting a Jeep TJ/JK and I am facing a question. I would like to get a soft top for the ease of going topless, but hard tops are more readily available. What my questions are; how much do you go topless? Is it a real hassle to take a hard top off? Does the hard top...
  6. JK General Discussion Forum
    If you buy a JK with a soft top, will it still come with the threaded brackets already needed to bolt a hard top on if you decide to switch? So all I would need to buy is the hard top and bolts?
  7. TJ Tech Forum
    I have a 2006 TJ and have a hard top that I have had about 8 years. It has leaked from the front corner doors and back window and the doors haven't shut properly since I got it. I was reading reviews and I found there were many persons with the same problem with that hard top. Can someone...
  8. JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Does anyone know of a hard top for the JLU that gives a few extra inches of headroom? I'm about to get my hands on a JL Unlimited and plan to do a 2-3 month camping trip starting in March, and am converting the back for car camping with bed + kitchen (not interested in a RTT for now). I looked...
  9. General Jeep Discussion
    I have a top that I need help to figure out what years it may fit. It's been in storage for a few years. I could not locate any numbers or letters to help. Also, what might it be worth? Thank you for your help.
  10. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello, My soft top is finally wearing out and I found a 2019 hard top I would like to purchase. Do you know if will fit my 2009 unlimited? Thanks!
  11. JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Dropped my hardtop today on my 1 week old sport s. Questions: 1) Can I simply paint over all the white stuff and have it be fine? 2) Has anyone fixed something like this before and have suggestions on how-to? 3) Has anyone paid for this type of repair and have an idea of cost? Thanks for any...
  12. JK General Discussion Forum
    OK, I am new here and we got a Jeep for my wife. I have been having a blast for the last two weeks ordering things online and customizing the Jeep for her use - on road, not off. She loves the car! She wanted a soft top, so we bought a Bestop NX Supertop, and now I need to do something with...
  13. JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm trading in my '13 2dr for a '16 unlimited. My 2dr is a dual top with the premium soft top. Hard top is w/the freedom panels. Both are in great shape and have all hardware. I'm planning on keeping one of the tops to sell. As someone who's never really been in the top market, I've got a few...
  14. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hard tops are expensive, and money is tight. I've wanted a hard top for some time now, and I finally found a used Smittybilt top for $200. It's perfect-- carpeted headliner, no cracks or scratches, perfect seals. The only problem is the back window had shattered. Does anyone know where I can get...
  15. YJ General Discussion Forum
    I've got a 1989 jeep wrangler yj, it came with a hardtop and half doors, previous owner had window attachments but they don't fit properly. They fit the mount holes, but you wouldn't be able to close the doors because the frame of the attachment doesn't fit with the edge of the hard top. Here...
  16. Classifieds Archive
    Hey Guys. So I am wanting to get back into a soft top so I either need to sell my hard top or I am willing to straight trade someone that has a Premium Soft Top and all the required hardware. To sell it I would need $900, not looking to make money. It's in great shape. There are a few light...
  17. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi folks, can anyone give me the total dimensions for a diy hard top cart with the jk hard top on it? I hope to get a small poly enclosure to wheel it into. Hopefully someone that has made the cart will be able to help out. Thanks in advance!
  18. JK General Discussion Forum
    Has anybody installed the Smittybilt Safari top? If so, please share your experience. Mine looks great on my JK 2 door but it leaks like crazy. I had it professionally installed and I even got new windshield and door seals on the Jeep but it still leaks. Any tips would be appreciated! - Sam K.
1-18 of 238 Results