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  1. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hello! Brand new to this forum. I am restoring my '97 Wrangler and getting a new soft top. Would love to hear your thoughts on keeping vs replacing the original hardware. I am purchasing the Supertop NX Black Twill Soft Top with Tinted Windows. Not sure if I should get everything new? Or just...
  2. JK General Discussion Forum
    If you buy a JK with a soft top, will it still come with the threaded brackets already needed to bolt a hard top on if you decide to switch? So all I would need to buy is the hard top and bolts?
  3. YJ Tech Forum
    Does anyone have a good resource for hardware sizes on YJ's? Been all over the internet and can't find the bolt size for the 4 bolts that hold on the plastic front frame cover. Would also like to know the size of the bumper bolts for sure, most forums claim 1/2-13. Replacing the previous owners...
  4. JK Tech Forum
    Hi all, first time posting and am having issues with taking off my hardtop and installing a soft top I bought. The jeep I'm removing the hard top from is a 2013 jk 2 door. It never came with the soft top option so I bought the roll bar brackets...
  5. Classifieds Archive
    CENTRAL FLORIDA - Orlando area - Selling the factory soft top for a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK 2DR. Soft top is in decent condition and all hardware is included. Parts with this package include: Soft Top in Black Header Channel Folding top Latches Folding Top Bow Knuckles Side/rear clear windows...
  6. TJ Tech Forum
    Hi guys! New member here! I bought my 98 wrangler sahara from a neurotic uncle. Love him to death. It's absolutely perfect condition because he rarely drove it and kept it garaged and serviced it every month whether he drove it or not. Got it for 4500 with a trailer full of camping gear ;D One...
  7. YJ Tech Forum
    First post here on Wrangler Forum! Excited to join the community. Anyway, I just recently bought a 1995 YJ that was in pretty good shape! Now that it's getting cold outside, (as cold as it can get here in the desert) I'd like to put on this soft top frame that I have. Several of the plastic ends...
  8. JK General Discussion Forum
    Quick question about the Grade 8 Hardware Kit from Northridge 4x4... The kit includes: A. (4) Domestic 9/16‐18 X 3" Grade 8 Hex Head Cap Screw Yellow Zinc B. (8) Domestic 9/16‐18 X 4" Grade 8 Hex Head Cap Screw Yellow Zinc C. (2) 14MM bolt and Lock Nut Zinc (and nuts/washers) Correct me if...
  9. TJ Tech Forum
    Fellow Jeepers, I'm fairly new to the forum and Jeep world to start, just got my tj in January and love every minute of the addiction. :) This is my first post, So my apologies if this is in the wrong spot or I'm beating a dead horse. (came up empty with the search) Fact is, I've purchased a...
  10. TJ Tech Forum
    So, I bout my 04 jeep rubicon 6 months ago and the previous owner removed the rear bench. I have the bench, but no hardware. The floor is smooth. I sent it to the dealer and they said the bench is incorrect for the jeep. Which I'm skeptical of, because it's an exact match to the front seats...
  11. TJ Tech Forum
    Ok guys I have a 2000 model tj and I just bought a good hard top for 425 dollars. Only thing is it didn't come with any of the hardware. Does anyone know where I can get all the hardware for it?
  12. TJ Tech Forum
    I just got a pair of factory black diamond plate rocker panel guards off a 2004 Rubicon for my 2004 Unlimited. It looks There are pre-drilled holes underneath (hex shaped), but I'll need nutserts (?) to mount to the side. Is this the case? Any idea where I can get them?
  13. JK Tech Forum
    so i just got my first jeep a 2010 wrangler 2 door and it came with a hard top and i am so totally lost on where to get a soft top for a cheap-ish price and what i will need to change the tops any advice would help please! also i'm confused on the hardware situation with the tops if anyone could...
  14. YJ Tech Forum
    I have a 91 YJ that was originally a hardtop. I have recently switched to a bikini top, bestop windjammer, and duster. My question is, with the hardware installed for the duster, will my hardtop still be able to be used? Any help would be appreciated!
  15. TJ Tech Forum
    I just picked up a 02 TJ at a local dealership. It was a good find, 1 owner, retired, garage kept, 110k highway miles, never had the hard top off, pristine condition. I've removed a couple hard tops before, but this one is STUCK. Never have I removed a hard top with a rear defroster though...
  16. Classifieds Archive
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a drivers side soft top door surround for a 2012 JK 2 door. They are pretty expensive new, so I was hoping someone had one they could part with. Thanks!
  17. TJ Tech Forum
    I purchased a used soft top, I realized the condition when I was buying it and for the price I got it I figured I could clean it up and use it. Had some questions about some of the screws that hold the bars together and if anyone knows what they are that would be helpful.
  18. YJ Tech Forum
    Hello everyone, I am a newly 1994 jeep Wrangler YJ owner and very excited! I am wondering if I need any special hardware for a hard top to be installed on my Wrangler. I know that the soft top has special hardware, but after I remove the frame of the soft top can I just put the hard top on...
1-18 of 25 Results