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  1. TJ Pics Forum
    need to replace my entire fender and hood, weighing standard flat fenders and hood or high-line flats and hood. 31" tires and no lift, not rock crawling at all. since it's about the same price I might as well just get the high-lines, but every picture I can find has giant tires (for obvious...
  2. TJ Tech Forum
    First and foremost, I’ll state my current setup. I’m running a 3” BDS lift with ¾” spacers up front and a 1” BL/ 1” MML with 33x12.5 tires. I have stock fenders, flares, and control arms. My bumpstops are currently set to where my tire is a fraction of an inch away from contact with my fender...
  3. TJ Build Forum
    Allright, so I have been meaning to start my build thread for a while now. My jeep was a gift to me from my grandparents/parents for high school graduation. Bought her in March of 2012. Can't find my pictures from when I brought her home, so here's some of the earliest ones I can find...
  4. Builders Corner
    Hey everybody, new to wranglerforums:thumb:, so bare with me, pictures will be up soon of my jeep also. I just installed my 1" M.O.R.E. BL on the TJ today, turned out good :) . Have not yet installed my steering raiser bracket yet, but happy with the results. Next I was going to throw a 2"...
1-4 of 4 Results