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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    At the 5 year mark. Time to change the coolant. Should I change out the hoses and the thermostat at the same time. I hate to get stuck on the road. Opinions, Thanks!
  2. YJ Technical Discussion
    Hello, I want to replace all the hoses/tubes on my YJ 1992 Wrangler and was wondering if there are any recommendations on where to buy and if anyone knows/recommends a set. It would be convenient if they had some sort of replacement pack so I didn't have to look up all the hoses and tubes and...
  3. YJ Technical Discussion
    I'm 18 and have no experience with fixing cars, my jeep keeps breaking down and I've managed to fix it up to this point but the pictures I took of the vacuum hoses weren't very good and now I have no idea where to connect them. I have a 2.5L 1990 Jeep Wrangler, I'll attach some pictures along...
  4. TJ Technical Discussion
    Trying to identify 3 hoses. They are connect behind the carb and are connected to a "y" split. 1 hose connects under the washer reservoir. This one was disconnected? Any help on these would be great. Thanks
  5. JK Technical Discussion
    I went to wash my 2014 JKU, after a group trail ride and I found a hollow rubber hose on my bumper. I have searched high and low on my Jeep and I don't see a place for it. I was hoping someone would recognize the part and know where it goes.
  6. TJ Technical Discussion
    The other day we replaced my radiator in my '97 TJ and the hoses a couple days later it was starting to leak or at least we thought so today we replaced the factory clamp with a better one and made sure the bottom hose was on there tight. Then we filled it back up with fluid and burped it after...
  7. JK General Discussion
    Question, my breather hoses, the two differentails(axels) and the transfer cases are in good shape and are mounted and run pretty high. I do not have much lift, 1.5" currently, and I can't imagine there is any issue with much flex at this point. I was not going to tinker with them because at...
  8. TJ General Discussion
    i was thinking about buying silicone radiator hoses and just wondering if they are worth the money? and do they actually hold up better than the rubber ones?
1-8 of 8 Results