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ignition help
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  1. YJ Tech Forum
    So! i drive to my local sandwich joint, go inside and come out to my jeep. i turn the key and the engine cranks over and sounds like it always does, but wont start.. thinking the fuel pump went out i go to look and it has not. i have looked at the distributor and it all is in perfect shape from...
  2. TJ Tech Forum
    Ive been having problems with my ignition, it was working fine until suddenly one day I went to start it, I put the clutch down turned the key and nothing but a small click happened. I was able to stick a screwdriver onto the terminals of the starter which jumped it so thats how I'm starting my...
  3. TJ Tech Forum
    After coming home after 2 weeks I drove my jeep for about 2 days and I think I may have left the dome light on. The next morning I went to start it up and it was dead. I jumped it and the engine was turning over and when I gave it some gas but it wouldn't start. I went to auto zone and bought a...
  4. TJ Tech Forum
    I flipped my Jeep a little while ago and haven't been able to get it running since. It cranks and knocks a couple times but never fully turns over. All I've done is change the spark plugs. I checked the bleeder valve on the fuel rail and fuel comes out but it's not under any pressure. I'm...
1-4 of 4 Results