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inline 6
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  1. TJ General Discussion
    I've been looking for a TJ for a while now and feel like I shot myself in the foot. The good on this Jeep: -Frame looks flawless, very hard to find since they salt the roads where I live. -Has a winch, upgraded bumpers, hi lift jack, ditch lights, lifted(good and bad) full size spare. -Has...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    I’m looking to get 32s on my Tj in-line 6, automatic transmission. Just bought it from a guy and he said he put a limited slip in too. I’m not sure if the gearing was changed but was wondering if rehearing for it would be necessary?
  3. TJ Technical Discussion
    Ok so I'm looking to purchase my second Jeep after being away for many years pretty soon. I was at a used car dealer today checking out an 03 TJ Sport 4.0L I6 4-speed automatic. This one looks pretty solid and the price was right. Only problem with it was a pretty noticeable engine tick. I know...
  4. Classifieds Archive
    I am looking to see what i can get for my TJ. It is a 1998 with about 184,000 miles on it but the transmission was done about 5,000 miles ago and the engine was replaced less than 1,000 miles ago. The engine is a brand new engine from valve cover to oil pan and everything in between; the...
  5. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, so on my way back home one day my engine locked up, long story short, i need a new engine. 4.0L 98 TJ. Now instead of just going back to the regular I6, i see this as a possibility to upgrade. I don't know too much about engines, but I do know a v8 conversion is out of my price...
  6. YJ Technical Discussion
    Need to know what people think of the holley 350 cfm for a 4.2 I-6? I'm looking to get the motorcraft 2100/ 2150 but my mechanic thinks I should get this holley. I'm driving more on the road than out and about in the woods and need something dependable and a lot better on gas than the carter or...
  7. YJ Technical Discussion
    OK, here's the deal. 94 I-6 4.0 Litre, running w/ Mobil 1 synthetic, it's got about 115,000 miles. New rear main seal, recent oil change. The oil pressure sensor is new about 2000 miles ago, yet it reads 60-70 psi @ start up. If I let it warm up it still runs about 60 psi, after warm up the...
1-7 of 7 Results