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  1. JK Tech Forum
    I am installing an aftermarket radio and I am having difficulty finding out what type of radio my wrangler has. Is there a spreadsheet or some sort of website that helps with this issue. I am installing a maestro and I need it when flashing the hardware. I have a Jeep Wrangler jk 2012. Thanks!
  2. JK Tech Forum
    I am installing an xrc Atlas front bumper and for the winch mount, the bolt hole on the vacuum side, the vacuum mount partially blocks the hole for the hole were I put the 15/16 bolt through. Few questions: 1. The instructions says put in a smaller bolt through the frame mount but 15/16 bolts...
  3. JK General Discussion Forum
    I took the first step in the right direction buying my first Wrangler and now I'm attempting to do my first Head Unit swap. I can't thank the members of this forum enough from all of the previous threads I've researched and wanted to try and pay it forward with my attempt and write up of this...
  4. JK Tech Forum
    I just bought a new 'Opar' gas cap from ebay (sold by a company called NeedJustmotos) for my 2008 Jeep Wrangler sahara unlimited. It says that installation is easy with no drilling required, however I can't seem to get it to fit. I am positive that the part is compatible with my car. Do I need...
  5. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hello, this morning is picked up my Bestop Half-Top, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about it combines a duster, bikini, and a Windstopper into one enclosed system. Essentially sealing in the interior of your Jeep. Once I get to the fabric installation I'll admit the photos stop...
  6. TJ Tech Forum
    Easy how to on installing and wiring KC Lights
  7. TJ Tech Forum
    Replacing water logged radio with a $20 replacement from Walmart!!!
  8. JK Tech Forum
    Ok, so I'm a rookie and need some help! Bought a 2015 JKU in November. I'm attempting to install OEM running boards, but the 2 of the 3 holes don't seem to be lining up...despite the instructions stating no drilling was required. Am I missing something?
  9. TJ Tech Forum
    Hi guys! New member here! I bought my 98 wrangler sahara from a neurotic uncle. Love him to death. It's absolutely perfect condition because he rarely drove it and kept it garaged and serviced it every month whether he drove it or not. Got it for 4500 with a trailer full of camping gear ;D One...
  10. LOD Offroad
    I purchased a LoD rack for my 2015 JK Unlimited Rubicon. I"m having problems assembling. I only get to work on it during the weekends when there is no tech support. Basically the install instructions have not been updated for what I assume were design improvements. After each stop when...
  11. YJ Tech Forum
    I have a 1994 YJ and just bought Spec-D Tuning SSB3-WRG87BK-WB Nerf Bars and the instructions are very brief and undetailed. Does anyone have a link to a video showing step by step installation?
  12. TJ Tech Forum
    Hey folks. I have a 2001 TJ and installed a factory fog light kit. However, for the life of me, I can't find where to plug in the leads that go to the fog lights. I have the relay installed, and the Jeep has the control stalk-mounted switch. I think that if I knew where the ends went, the...
  13. General Jeep Discussion
    I've seen many threads with people asking what the best tool is to install Smittybuilt XRC Armor.. I was told by both Smittybuilt and 4Wheel Offroad that the proper tool was the Westward 5TUW with 3/8 Mandrel. Nope.. After getting the tool, the mandrel was stripping out the nutcerts. I...
  14. JK General Discussion Forum
    Yesterday I just bought a new lift kit for my 08 JKU and was wondering how much the average price would be to get it installed. I've thought about doing it myself but I don't have all the right tools and experience with working on suspension so I want to get it done right at a shop. Its a 3'...
  15. JK Tech Forum
    I'm looking at the smaller handhelds and wondering what the majority vote on which of these two is better. Usability; Install; Quality... COBRA 75 WX ST or Midland 75-822???
  16. General Jeep Discussion
    I just got my lock box in the mail yesterday. As today is a snow day I thought I'd go ahead and take a few minutes to put it in. It is not nearly as easy as anticipated. First of all, I'm still having a bit of trouble with undoing the back bolts of my seat. I've tried several things to get them...
  17. Florida Jeep Forum
    I'm just about to place my order for the following setup qty Part 1 Teraflex 1351000 Suspension Lift Kit 2 Rancho RS999330 RS9000XL Series Shock 2 Rancho RS999329 RS9000XL Series Shock 1 4pc 1.5" Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5x5 to 5x5 1 AEV Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Brackets I'm able...
  18. Off Road and External Lighting
    Good day Jeepers. Do any of you know which rig was used for this configuration? What size lights they used and what not? I love the set up,it looks unique(the 3 lights across the top). I would just like some more info in regards to its installation.
  19. Communications and Electronics
    Hey Everyone, Just bought my first Jeep and looking for some help. I purchased an unlimited sport with premium audio, no navigation, uconnect for bluetooth phone. As of now I am going to purchase the following items: Kenwood Excelon DNX891HD iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR Factory Integration...
1-19 of 52 Results