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  1. Quadratec Spare Tire Mount Camera

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I installed this yesterday on my 2015 JKUR. My daughter gets this Jeep, so I've been adding little things for safety. We all know you can't see crap out of the back window, so this helps. The only annoying...
  2. JKUR Poison Spyder Diff Fluid Capacity

    JK Tech Forum
    I need to know what the gear oil capacity is when I install my Poison Spyder Diff cover. I have seen multiple threads saying fill it to the bottom of the fill hole. Others say use the amount that is specified in the owners manual. Does the Poison Spyder Diff cover have a greater fluid...
  3. Teraflex Delta big brake upgrade kit?

    JK Tech Forum
    Hi, Anyone have experience with the Teraflex Delta kit - PN 4403450? I'm long overdue for a brake upgrade, and this one seems to be inline with what i need to...
  4. New JL

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Well, now I have two jeeps. New JL 2 door just added already JKUR. Now I need to figure out what I want to do to the JL.
  5. Brake Pads

    JK Tech Forum
    I have a 2016 JKUR w/ 2.5" AEV lift, 35x12.5 M&S tires, and a full load when traveling. I haven't found a cogent discussion of brake pads without someone trying to sell me something. Upgraded pads should help braking. I'd like to do that before putting on bigger brakes systems. Any...
  6. California 2017 JKUR Suspension, Rear Bumper, Air Dam - Free Local Pickup

    Classifieds Archive
    Takeoffs from my 2017 JKUR after installing a lift. Suspension parts have 11K miles which included some wheeling / gravel roads, so there are some dings here and there but just cosmetic and all in great working condition. Local pickup only, in Sunnyvale. I may add some photos later. Parts I...
  7. North Carolina 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, 52k miles, built to last!

    Classifieds Archive
    While it breaks my heart to say this, it's time to put my Jeep up for sale. This certainly won't be my last Wrangler, but she was definitely my favorite thus far. A helluva lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into building her up and making her my own, so I hope she goes to a great home...
  8. CA transplant - looking for a new shop

    Arizona Jeep Forum
    As title states, just escaped Kalifornia and am now living in Tucson. Looking for a new shop that can handle something more than bolt on work, and is good on JK's. Any suggestions? TIA D
  9. Finally received OB JLUR!

    JL Wrangler Pics And Vids Forum
    My OB JLUR was picked up Monday and I think its a badass Jeep! Its my first "new" car but 4th Wrangler and it was worth the wait. When I ordered the Blue color, I hadn't seen it in really life and I think it looks great (strongly considered the new gray as well). I traded in a 2009 JKU Sahara...
  10. What winch and battery setup for JKUR? A little lost.

    JK General Discussion Forum
    This is only my 2nd post on here, so bear with me... (Also, my thoughts are scrambled with a headache and nausea right now.) I've only had my JKUR for a little over a month and I was basically building it in my head and online for years before purchase with, I guess, no "real" knowledge of all...
  11. My first Wrangler JKUR17

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I recently got my first Jeep and I am loving it so far. Can't wait to take it off-road and attend Jeep events. I really like the idea of people coming together in their Jeeps to do stuff and have fun. Here are the build details: 2017 JKUR Gobi Tan Interior with cloth seats Connectivity Group...
  12. Programmer/Program Recommendations

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm building up a 2016 JKUR. I figure this question will foster a lot of opinions - but here goes. I've lifted it with a 2.5" AEV kit and added 35x12.5 tires. For it's planned use, the vehicle will be loaded heavily. What programmer to use to update the ECM? Recommended settings? Do you think...
  13. Florida BARTACT Mil-Spec Seat Covers - Front, Rear, Plus Extras

    Classifieds Archive
    These seat covers are like new, and were installed on my JKUR for less than 5 months. These are compatible with 2013-2017 Wranglers. These are the BARTACT (formerly Trek Armor) front, rear, and console cover in Coyote color. These are the non-airbag version. You get two 8"x7.5"x2" MOLLE...
  14. 2016 JKUR leaky roof/door seals - what to do?

    JK Tech Forum
    So i now also appear to have fallen victim to crappy construction on my 2016 JKUR. I went out this AM to move the JK in preparation to load up for WFF, and when i opened up passenger side door, i have about 2 cups of standing water in my front passenger weathertech floor mat. I've seen several...
  15. 2017 jk unlimited rubicon (swaricon)

    JK Build Forum
    I picked up my 2017 JK Unlimited Rubicon as a Christmas present to myself. I have a lot of plans and as always I am looking forward to working on it and hearing all sorts of suggestions from yawl. I will add a post fro everything I do to it and all my upgrades. If you have any questions please...
  16. Which Blue Ox tow bar shoud i use?

    JK Tech Forum
    So finally getting to a point where i need to pick up the tow bar for my JK. Per my build thread, seems like many people had good things to say about Blue Ox, so i want to go that way. When i went to their site, they have 12 models to choose from however. Tow Bars | Blue Ox Soooo??? How do i...
  17. What were the Rubicon Changes 2013-2016

    JK General Discussion Forum
    From 2013-2016 were there any major changes in the JK or JKU Rubicon? As far as I understand it: On the engine side, in 2012 the 285 horsepower, 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 replaced the 202 horsepower, 3.8-liter V6 on all JK models. 83 more horses, 23 more lb-ft of torque and an aluminum engine...
  18. Time for new shocks?

    JK Tech Forum
    My fellow jeepers, I noticed a few days ago some oil residue buildup along my front left frame. I checked my oil and it was good. I wasn't leaking anything from the engine compartment. I just checked my front left shock and there is a concentration of fluid buildup along the shaft of the...
  19. Washington DC 2013 JKUR, lifted & armored up!

    Classifieds Archive
    Selling my meticulously built, adult owned, and garage kept JKUR. I'm the only owner and I special ordered it with all the option boxes checked (except Auto & Dual Top). Since, I've put $20,000+ in parts and hundreds of hours of labor into it. Everything works perfectly and this JKUR makes...
  20. JK specfic tool sizes & recommendations

    JK General Discussion Forum
    so i did a bunch of reading on this, but haven't seen the question asked in this fashion or answered. i'm interested in a very narrow listing of JK specific tools that i should carry. to be concise, what i'm asking is should i be carrying a 10mm socket vs a 12mm socket, not should i be carrying...