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  1. General Jeep Discussion
    We are a current owner of a ‘77 CJ7, which we’ve had for several years. Now, we have a one year old and I’ve struggled over the past year not being able to easily jump in the Jeep to go for a quick ride with the baby. Planning to have another baby soon, so needing to find a solution. This likely...
  2. TJ General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler that I bought to drive my 2 boys (3 & 6yrs) around and they love it. We have their car seats in the back but I am wondering if there is anything I could do to make it more safe in case of a worst case scenario (also to make the wife feel better). We live in a small...
  3. JK General Discussion Forum
    I just got my Unlimited Oscar Mike edition this weekend (FINALLY!!!!) and I want to install some screens on the backs of the headrests. In my other SUV, I have screens that I can control upfront by playing movies from an ipad mini hooked up to an HDMI/RCA converter and then to the RCA ports in...
  4. JK General Discussion Forum
    Need advice on a convertible car seat that will fit rear facing in a JKU. We have one convertible car seat in my wife's car, but it will not fit in the Jeep rear facing.
  5. YJ General Discussion Forum
    So I have my first Jeep: 92 YJ. Main intent is to go to nearby High Lakes camping, mild/mod 4x4. I have a 9 year old girl and an 11 year old boy. Back seat is aftermarket MasterCraft with high backs. One seat belt needs to be replaced. Other than that, I wonder if there is anything I need...
  6. Classifieds Archive
    I am selling plans to build a Jeep bed! I have attached pictures of completed beds and a sample of the detail included in the plans. Update: You can now buy online: jeep-bed-plans-twin-size-car-bed
  7. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Ok I have a 6 month year old son that rides in the back seat of my TJ but this summer and like at the beach i would like to be able to ride around at the beach or short trips to church or something (like right around the corner) with the top down with him in the back seat but only short trips...
  8. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, Just got my 2011 Wrangler a few days ago, and being a parent, my first order of business is getting some good, waterproof seat covers :P Yes, kids can be messier than off-roading. I was on Quadratec's site and they list most of their covers for JK as 07-10... do you know if there's a...
1-8 of 8 Results